Friday, November 28, 2008

Hmmmmm.....I Wish My Mind Would Let Me Sleep

Sooooo its a fri night and I'm laying in bed tired as heck!!! I did Thanksgiving dinner at my house and cooked my 1st turkey ever!!!

It was my 1st time ever hosting and cooking such a big meal!!! I was sooooo nervous!!!lol Don't get me wrong I do cook and can cook, but I've never had that big of a responsibility before.

Dinner was great, family slammed, and we had a great time!! We just laughed, took pictures, watched football games, and movies as we ate. Everthing was goin well until my aunt made me cry!!!!lol She didnt mean to, she just was saying how proud my mom would've have been for the dinner I prepared if she was still here with us:o(

Now on fri, I just chilled with my cuzzo for a few hours!! We had soooooo much fun!! We always do tho. We were discussing some vacations we need to be planning. If anyone knows me, they know I love to travel!!!!lol My dad tells me all the time I need to be a flight attendant or join the airforce to be able to travel more frequently and for free!!!!

Now I'm sitting in my bed trying to go to sleep cuz I'm sooooo freakin tired, but I can't!?! I just finished watching my cavs win their game. They was def ballin!!! Now I'm wondering when I'm gonna make it to a game?? Haven't been to one in years;o( But I def need to hit one up!!! I already told my dad and nephew they have to be my date to some of the games!!!lol Unless, the person I really want to go can fit it into their busy schedule and make time for it???? Hmmmm, we'll see how it goes??

Well I'm gonna try and do this fall asleep thing because I'm tired and I do kinda have to work tomorrow. Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!!!!!

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have a good 1!