Friday, November 7, 2008

Cancer claims local newscaster Heather Pick

Columbus newscaster Heather Pick died this morning after a lengthy battle with breast cancer.
Pick, a morning co-anchor for WBNS-TV (Channel 10), passed away at her Hilliard home with her husband, Joe Cygan, and other family members at her side. She was 38.

"I'm devastated," said Andrea Cambern, news anchor at Channel 10. "We all knew that the future was not bright, but it's still such a shock and tragedy. She was our beacon, our little light in the newsroom. We all love her very much."

Pick's battle with the illness began with a diagnosis in 1999, when she worked as an anchorwoman at the NBC affiliate in Rockford, Ill. In 2004, two years into her life in Columbus, she learned that the cancer had not only returned but moved to her spine and pelvis.

Pick faced the setback with an "unbelievably" positive attitude, said Tom Griesdorn, Channel 10 general manager.
"If you met her on the street, in the newsroom, if you ran into her at lunch at Katzinger's or wherever, you'd have never known she was dealing with the challenges she did on a daily basis," Griesdorn said.

At home after the diagnosis, Pick focused on her blessings by enjoying her family, including daughter Julia, 7, and son Jack, 4. She often spent afternoons at the Columbus Zoo or in a park, walked several miles a day and gardened.

She thumbed her nose at the disease by participating in the 2005 Columbus Marathon, finishing in 6 hours 37 minutes and 49 seconds - ahead of 199 other entrants.
"I always thought it would be cool to do a marathon, so why not do it now?" she said at the time. "When something like cancer hits you, you feel a sense of urgency."

In recent years, Pick became a public leader in the community fight against cancer.After Pick's health took a final turn for the worse, she appeared on the noon newscast for the last time Oct. 6 - from home, wearing a pink wig (in a nod to Breast Cancer Awareness Month).
I know a lot of people may wonder why I have this story on here? A lot of people may not even know who Heather Pick is? Yes she is a local reporter for WBNS 10TV, but she was also a very active member within the cancer community. Especially women with cancer.
I myself had never had the chance to meet Heather, but I have always followed her work, he speeches, and charities that she was apart of. I really admired her strength and courage to be so outspoken on such a silent deadly killer such as cancer.
I myself have lost 3 people in this year alone due to cancer. Its a very serious illness and can take the lives of any and everybody of every race, age, religion, or creed. My heart truly goes out to her husband, 2 small children, and a host other family and friends who I know suffering and devastated over the loss of a love one.
With that being said I'd also like to send my love to those who I have lost this year...
Mom 02/2008
PawPaw 10/2008
Uncle David 11/2008
You all will forever live inside my heart, mind, and character. All of you equal a part of me and keeps me motivated to keep being the intelligent, kind hearted, courageous, hardworking woman that I am today and will forever be. I love you always........... Miranda Marie

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abw711 said...

Wow....this is a shocker...Yes I knew who Heather Pick was. I can't believe this....may God bless her and your family members. I am sorry to hear about your loss.