Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is She The Reason....?

All once was good! No worries, no stress, no problems, or concerns. Then it just totally flipped?! What was once a healthy, happy, blossoming, beautiful thing turned into the worse thing possible. How could something so right turn out to be so bad?! Without a warning in site of how quickly things could change, they did! Slowly, but surely they did.

Something that was so beautiful and pure like out of a fairy tale. Oh yes! Cinderella had found her prince charming. One who would protect her, comfort her, support her, encourage her, love her, and grow with her. A man that was everything she ever dreamed of and possibly more was right before her eyes!

Then within the blink of an eye it all changed! Was it her fault? His fault? No clear understanding of exactly who or what caused the change. Maybe it was just a series of events? Yeah that's what it was! Two people who once flowed the same way, strolled down the same road, ultimately started going opposite directions. Or was it that they both were scared of what could possibly be the most beautiful thing in the world? True Love.

Would they try to stay together? Work through whatever issues they had? Would they still be supportive and encouraging of one another? Would they still love one another like they did when their love story began? Or would they let their new found dreams, goals, ambitions, and wants sabotage their relationship?

Can love really be all you need? Can love with stand the deep driven passion of someone's dreams? Is love really all you have at the end of the day? Is love used as an escape or excuse to not hurt someone when the other person wants to find a way out? Can someone's dreams, goals, and aspirations cause love to be lost? Can those things be used as an escape to push someone away no matter how much you love someone?

I know my answers to all these what's yours?