Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fellas....... A Little Gucci For You!!!!!

Okay now this post is a little bit unusual because as I'm sitting here looking up some hotness for the fellas,and my dad walks into my house and scares the holy crap out of me!!!lol He thought I was at work, and tried to sneak over and still some fish I cooked yesterday!!!! He thought he was slick!!!lol

So as I'm sitting here looking he's sitting here smashing and looking right over my shoulder telling me what I should post and what I should get him for xmas!!!! So to all the fellas I'm merely clicking and posting. I have no part in what's being posted for your hotness. I am however interested to see if today's young man would feel the taste of an older man who is a father and not too much up to date on today's fashion??

I'm dying to hear the feedback on this one!!!lol Oh and so is my dad!!!lol And say what cha feel, don't hold back just because my dad picked the stuff out. I will say that I do see at least 2 pair that I think are nice!!!!!


Omie said...

those 1st one's are type i'll gotta get those for the collection.. thanks for follwing my blog =]

Anonymous said...

Okay I see pops got some flavor. Im diggin those black ones on top and the very last pair of white ones. Those would be hot in the summer with the right fit.