Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

So this past Sat me and some friends put together a surprise B'day party for a good friend of ours. Even though everything didn't happen the way we wanted it to, we still had a blast!!!

The look on her face when she walked in to see the party was priceless!!

Here's some pics!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bringing In The New Year!!!

So I'm ready for the new year!! So many great things happened to me in 2010!! Some bad things, but the good DEF outweighs the bad!! I'm soooo looking forward to the new year! This year I'm going to be doing something different and celebrating it in a different city and state!!! I'm not going t disclose the location just yet, so don't ask!!!

Me and one of my very good friends who is like a sister to me will be bringing in the New Year together so I KNOW it will be a great time!! I have decided I want to wear a dress so I've been on the lookout for thee perfect one!!

Here's the bunch I like thus far.....

If anyone knows of any good fashion websites to find dope dresses PLEASE let me know!! Thanks in advance!!!!

Shoe Fanatic!!!!!!

Anyone who knows ME or has been following my blog knows that I a a complete and utter shoe and clothes fanatic!! I've always been that way and then for a good 6 years of my life I was schooled on really just doing fashion that's all about me and my personality and not worrying bout what other think because fashion is all about your OWN stamp of approval! (Thanks

Here are just a few that I've tried on and are really loving!! thinking about adding to my collection!! Thank you Lord for my new job and new pay raise!!!!lol

"Carry It"

The official video for Travis Barker's "Carry It" featuring Tom Morello and Wu-Tang Clan members RZA & Raekwon from his upcoming Give The Drummer Some album due out in 2011!
I can't wait to hear this album!!! I absolutely LOVE Travis Barker!!! I swear he was my husband in my mind!! LOL

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ciara - Basic Instinct

Okay I may be late on this video, but CiCi goes HARD on this song!! I can't wait to hear the entire album 'Basic Instinct'. Obviously she's been working with The Dream on it so she's bound to have some fire!!! This reminds me of the old CiCi when she first came out!!! I'm praying that she's the one that comes back hard!!!

This Time - Short Film

I just stumbled upon this short film and I think it's absolutely amazing!!! I had to wait about 20 mins before posting this because of crying. I can relate to the situation. I had a loved one gone for almost 2 years in the military not knowing if they would make it back safely or not? That person was my whole world and was all I ever wanted!

Unfortunately being away and going through such a traumatic time in life it grew us apart and messed up our relationship. At first there were other blames for it but ultimately it was that time apart and the differences in us both that occurred AFTER that time that strained and dissolved our relationship. It was definitely a gift and a curse.

No one will ever know what it's like in the life of an military man or woman until they actually experience what they go through. And nobody will truly understand what it's like for a parent, child, significant other, or family member of a military person goes through unless they;ve experienced it. Trust me, it's totally different from the outside looking in.

I would totally LOVE to see this short film turned into a full length movie. I think it would be absolutely awesome!! Kudos to Reagan Gomez-Preston

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair

I don't care what nooooobody says!!!! This song is tooo hott and the video is too freakin cute!!! When Talent BREEDS Talent!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bruno Mars

Okay I totally stoled this from my cuzzo B Floyd, BUT I had to!!! I love Bruno Mars and he's doing one of my FAVORITE Michael Jackson songs!!! I'd say he DEF did it justice too!! Enjoy!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Owning Up To YOUR Actions!!!!!

Alot of what's been going on with me lately has been do to others pointing the fingers towards me instead of at themselves. I mean honestly I feel that those that are quick to point the fingers at others before truly assessing the situation shows me that their not responsible enough or business minded enough to step back and considered their role in the matter.

If there's something I didn't do right I am a woman that will own up to that mistake, learn from it, and try my hardest never to make it again. I am truly a person who does still value morals like honesty, respect, loyalty, and responsibility. Too many people get caught up in too many things and lose site of these values. No matter if they mean to or not.

We're living in this 'I want what I want when I want it' type of world and it has alot of people losing their minds, family, and friends. It truly is always a bad thing when relationships are lost over petty and unnecessary things.

Like people say, 'Those that are quick to point a finger at others need to realize there are always 4 fingers pointing back at you!'

Below is a video of my sis Miss.Stef addressing what I'm saying from her own perspective. Now granted this video blog was done over a year ago, the words that she is speaking is still quite relevant with today!! It's actually one of my favorite video blogs that she's done.

Hope you don't get mad I posted it sis!! Love you!!!

P.S. I love how cute and giggly she is in this video!!!! lol

How to Wear Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is a universal classic and has yet to go out of style, according to the fashion magazines, yet many women assume they can't wear it. They're wrong. Here is showing you the right ways to wear it.

Rule No. 1: The secret lies in the rest of your face. The paler the skin, the bigger the pop. Go light on the eyes and the blush, otherwise you’ll risk looking like a clown (Cameron Diaz made this fatal mistake at the 2007 Golden Globes). Here’s how to do it: Skip eyeliner and go only for mascara (black for brunettes, brown for blondes and redheads), making sure to apply to bottom lashes (it opens up your eyes). Dust face with powder and cheeks with a soft blush.

Rule No. 2: Line inside of lips Red lipstick tends to bleed, so fill in lips with lip liner first, suggests makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff in the December 2006 issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Rule No. 3: Pick the right color If your complexion is pink, you'll look better in plum shades, while girls with yellow tones are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base, according to celebrity makeup artist Jemma Kidd in the December 2005 issue of Harper's.

Rule No. 4: Don't let nails clash We prefer non-red nail polish when you're going red on the lips. A clear polish or light color is cool, and black polish is a trend that shows no sign of going away anytime soon. If you want to go red on the nails, make sure the color matches your lips. I strongly feel Essie makes the best nail polishes.

Rule No. 5: Blending is in Few makeup artists stick to one shade of any lipstick, they tend to blend a few to create the perfect colors. If you've bought a red lipstick shade that's too bright, dark or whatever, don't throw it away. Instead, experiment with other lipstick shades you have on hand to create the perfect shade of red.

Check out pages and pages of red lipstick from high-end brands like Chanel to the good-but-cheaper brands such as Revlon and Cover Girl (I am partial to M.A.C.)...

No End To Success

Success is not the triumph over regress,
Success is the power to suppress.
Success is not the money or the fame,
Success is, knowing you are still the same.
Success is not the power or the pride.
Success is the knowing how to hide.
Success is not a gift or gain,
Success is accepting and believing in your name.
Success is not a point or goal to seek,
Success is, believing you have never reached the peak.
Success is

Jeff Rushton

This was a poem that really spoke to me. Right now there are a few personal and professional issues that I am currently faced with and there all to do with success and moving forward. When you are experiencing a new chapter in your life you should be happy excited and blessed. You shouldn't feel sad, mad, or like you owe an explanation.

When certain things happen in life they are truly for a reason. No matter what it is, be it a new Job, new friend, new car, new title, etc. You should never have to feel conflicted because you are given an opportunity over someone else. Bottom line is you were obviously doing the job you were suppose to be doing the correct way anyway in order to be considered for that next step right?

Unfortunately in life some people just can't accept the fact that there are people who are better qualified than them, more dependable, more trustworthy, and just an all around better candidate. It's like something I once heard in a Tyler Perry play and something my mom would always say, "When the Lord sees fit to start sending blessings your way, you will truly know who your friends are." Those words never rang as clear as they do now!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

See You At The Crossroad

Its definitely been awhile since I've posted here. I will admit I started this blog as a way of getting out what I was holding in and just expressing and showing people what I love. Showing people different pieces of the puzzle that make me who I am.

Well this last year has been one bumpy, twister of a roller coaster and its just Oct. I've learned a lot thus far this year, experienced a lot this year, and I've also recovered a lot in my life that I thought I'd never see or feel again. A lot of people have come and gone in my life as well. Some who's been there for years and some that's been shorter than that.

Right now I feel I'm at a crossroads in life. I'm still young, not married, and no kids. I have a career I love and extra curricula activities that I'm involved in that keeps me more than busy. But I just don't feel complete. I don't feel satisfied with what I have. I pray every night and ask for guidance on this journey called life.

By no means am I complaining about the blessings I do have, but just feel like there could be more! Maybe its my "perfectionist" or "motivational" characteristics I'm not sure? All I know is I do see a bigger picture and I'm patient enough to wait for the lord to bestow upon me the blessings he feels I'm deserving of.

So how many of you feel like you at a crossroads in your life?

P.S. Immmmm baaaaaaaaacccckkkk!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Brain Food Project By J Osceola

Please be sure to check out 'The BrainFood Project' By J Osceola available now on Amazon and iTunes!! Trust me this Midwest talent will not disappoint you!! Below is a taste of the video for his 1st single entitled "Billion Dollar Dreams" Feat another Ohio native LEfortheUNcool.

Find more on J Osceola on Face book by typing in ( J. Osceola), Twitter ( @josceola), YouTube (Josceolamusic) and also at!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

All A Dream or A Beautiful Nightmare??

So Terius 'The Dream' Nash took to his own website, US Weekly, and supposedly MTO to give 'his side' of the story. Here's what he had to say in regards to the relationship between he and C Mili.....

In My Own Words:

First I want to thank God for the trials of life, without them we can't know purpose!

I would love to tell the truth as to why my relationship wasn't successful, but today that is between me and Christina. Its easy to say that it's because of another woman or a new relationship but truthfully, IT'S NOT.

I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for misleading everyone into thinking everything was fine and okay when we knew problems existed for awhile! I wanted to speak up but we decided it wasn't for anyone to know. I would NEVER intentionally hurt a soul and everyone around me knows that! There was so much going on in me and Christina's personal world that I tried to deal with it as delicately as I could and tried to regain my footing. Instead of being direct in order not to cause even more hurt or hurt someone's feelings, I carried the weight in secret!

I am Human and people fall in and out of Love all the time… This is Life. Nothing's promised or perfect, neither am I. I am not proud that I lost something we once had…LOVE! I've always been a Loving Father, Hard Worker, Generous, Stern and Eager to prove myself. My faults are I can be irresponsible and an ass sometimes, but I HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER be a malicious person or wish harm to anyone, especially those I love or the mother of my child. I'm sorry for the embarrassment to everyone involved! If there's anyone to blame and you can't fathom this happening, please blame me and me alone for not being upfront! Even though we were trying to overcome personal things between us, I was just simply scared and embarrassed to let everyone know we WERE FAILING and HAVE NOW FAILED!

This is not to justify anything, it's true emotion! It's a real thing that involves real people! I've cried about this for months, after interviews, after prayer and I've tried to take my own life at a point because of the failure that was looming.

But I was reminded by my MOTHER that I am not "Superman" and its okay to lose sometimes…

This too shall pass! And everything will be fine!

~ Terius Nash ~

I just find this quite arrogant and a lie. That's just my personal opinion. He just seems like he's an egotistical asshole and he can't settle down because the fame has gotten to his head. Case in point he and Nivea was together for how long? Then 'Love/Hate' dropped and he was loving the 'attention' he got so hated on his marriage then and Nivea was outta there ASAP! I just hope they work it out for their beautiful daughters sake.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

There Goes My Baby.......

All I can say about this is Usher did his thang with this song!! And the video is just super sexy!!! Kinda reminds me of that Michael Jackson/ Naomi Campbell video. And when he jumps up on the building?!?! Whoooooo weeeee yessssss!!!! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The King Has Arrived!!

So the city of Cleveland was in a complete and utter uproar about Lebron leaving the Cavs. I completely understand where they are coming from and their point of view. But at the end of the day obviously Lebron wasn't happy and the owner who's been irate disrespectful and totally outta line like a girlfriend or wife done wrong, wasn't trying to do anything to make King James happy?! Therefore, Bron left and decided to take his talent and chances down to Miami.

My thought on this situation is I'm happy for Lebron and wish him the best! I'm a fan of Lebron so I'm gonna root for him no matter where he goes. To me true fans would feel the same way. Can't be mad at him for the choice he made. He did what he felt he needed to do. If ya'll gonna be pissed it needs to be towards the man who didn't surround Lebron with a strong consistent team around him.

Bottom line business is business and a job is a job. Ya'll know that if ya'll at a job ya'll don't like and its not making you happy or giving you what you need what ya'll gonna do? Ya'll gonna look for another job that makes you happy and that you like! That's all Lebron did in my opinion.

Not Enough Make Up Bags In The World!!!

Caught in the act! has confirmed that the woman married producer The-Dream frolicked with in the Caribbean over the weekend is his assistant of about a year, Melissa Santiago.

The-Dream (real name: Terius Nash) married singer Christina Milian last September, and welcomed daughter Violet just five months ago.

Dream's representatives caught up with US WEEKLY and revealed that the couple have separated and plan to file for divorce. The split actually happened late last year, but they kept up a false appearance for the sake of their child.

"Terius 'The-Dream' Nash is saddened to announce that his marriage to Christina Milian was unsuccessful. The couple reached this decision in late 2009, but decided to keep the news private in efforts to protect their baby daughter Violet. They ask for consideration and respect for their family moving forward."

I just don't know what to say about this?! Some people say it was a wrap to begin with and some were actually rooting for them. Its just sad that the true meaning of marriage really is?! Its bad enough people throw the word "Love" around like its nothing, but marriage is so much more.

Its a bond between two people that is suppose to be honest, pure, loving, trusted, respected, loyal and most of til death do you part. I would be totally heartbroken if I knew I was upholding my part of a marriage to the absolute best of my ability to find out my husband and father of my child was cheating on me?! And with someone whom I've been around, has been around my family, my friends, and most of all my daughter?!

Whoooo weeeee talk about some smoke in the city?! The Dream better prepare to drop more that $5 stacks on some damn Make Up Bags!!! No pre-nup and proof of cheating with no proper legal separation agreement or documentation?! This is gonna be a very ugly and sticky situation. But in the end I pray that is all works out for their beautiful baby girl lil Violet Nash.

My heart truly goes out to C Mili and to any women in her position. No matter what people think or speculate only her and Dream know what they're relationship was and will be for the future. I just hope he does right by his baby girl cause she didn't asked to be brought into all this.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mortal Kombat

Whenever this movie comes out I am there!!! Loved playing this game with my older brothers!!!! And it helps that the scrumptious Michael Jai White is starring in it!!!

Step Up 3-D

A tight-knit group of New York City street dancers, including Luke (Malambri) and Natalie (Vinson), team up with NYU freshman Moose (Sevani), and find themselves pitted against the world's best hip hop dancers in a high-stakes showdown that will change their lives forever. Written by Walt Disney Pictures.....Coming 2010!!

Check out one of the 1st singles off the soundtrack by the sexy and just hottest thing out Trey Songz!!!!

General Patton

Absolutely LOVE Outcast.....So I had to post Big Boi's new song. His new album drops July 6, 2010!!! that will be a great birthday gift for me!!

I promise in my past life I was born and raised in the ATL!!!!!!lol

Luda & Trey

All this sexiness on one song and in one video?!?! AYYYYYEEEE dios mio!!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Brain Food Project By J Osceola

This event was absolutely amazing! It was definitely a long stressful time consuming event. But at the end it was absolutely fabulous!! all the hottest local artist from Columbus, Oh came out to perform. And all of the Who's Who of the city was there to show love as well!

J Osceola The Brainfood Project is availible on AMAZON.COM!Check him out!

What I've Been Up To.......

I've been MIA for quite sometime but it's definitely been for good reason. Besides working my regular job and also attending classes, I have also became 1/3 partner in Radiance Public Relations, LLC.

Radiance Public Relations, LLC (RPR) is a lifestyle boutique firm based in Columbus, Ohio that specializes in public relations, event planning, project management and branding. Our success is measured upon our clients’ satisfaction in our performance, and knowing that RPR, LLC has taken their career to the next level.
Our Clients range from publications and small business owners, to music artist, fashion models and even professional athletes. RPR , LLC services are available to anyone in the Ohio area or around the United States. Some services provided are:
• Social Networking/Marketing Services
• Submission of Events
• Press Kit
• Bio Writing
• Press Releases
• Broadcast Media Outreach
• Press Kit/Press Release distribution
Radiance Public Relations, LLC team pride ourselves on executing any service requested by our client. We go beyond any expectations a client may have in order to build and maintain a relationship. We push for growth by bringing the appropriate media attention and helping our client carry out their vision to perfection. RPR takes initiative in taking the necessary steps towards making a clients business, event, or network successful, and hopes to be able to do the same for you!!

Currecia Coleman
Dawn Baskerville
Miranda Lewis
Creative Director

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Me, Myself, & I Vacation

So it's been way too long since i've been doing my blog and I admit I have missed it soo much!! Alot hs bee going on in my life personally, apirtiually, mentally, and physically! It's all been great for me though!! I'm sooo loving my new outlook on life, love, health, work, and friendship that it's absolutely wonderful!!

Even though i'm very happy with all the new facsinating things in my life, I also understand more now than ever what it means to take a break!!! Fot the last 2-3 years i have been going HARD!!! No real rest, no real time for me, which means no real fun for me!!!!

So after the next few events, school, and work projects i have coming up are over, i've made it up in my mind that im taking a vacation for at least a good week to relax have funn and experience something new!!! I've decided to go on a vaction that is very well much needed!!

ive decided to entitled this trip the "Me, Myself, & I" Vacation. i decided to name it this because sometimes we all just need to get away and relax our mind, body, and soul!1 we all get so caught up in the hussle and bussle of everyday life that we dont take time for self. so ive decided to take a trip to a destination ive never been before. on this trip its all about me and my peace.

im still looking for a destination thats a for sure go, but do have a good 3 spots picked out thus far. i wanted to not only go somewhere ive never been but also somepllace where i dont know anyone to make sure i get the ulltimate peace and pleasure of doing my own thing on my own time. im also considering routing all communcation to my house phone and disconected all my emails from my blackberry to have contact with those im usually around or have to be accountable for. the only cotact i will have is if i decide to contact you!! only person who will have emergency contact is my papi cause he threathen to beat me if he or my stepmom couldnt reach me!!! lol

i feel that everybody should have a trip like this to relax regroup and catch a grip on life instead of just watching it rush on by!! its a great wa to come up withh fresh ideas, mentally challenge yourself with making things happen on your own in a different city, state, country, and or island. im very excited and i cant wait to go!! Now if i could narrow down my choices?!?!?! orn at least where i want to go for my 1st trip??? heres a few pics of one of my destinations!!

Tom Cruise set for fourth 'Mission'

Apparently, nothing's impossible.

Tom Cruise has committed to reprise his role as Ethan Hunt in the next installment of the "Mission: Impossible" series at Paramount. The action tentpole, which is being co-financed by David Ellison's Skydance Prods., is now slotted for release on Memorial Day weekend 2011.

The reunion between Cruise and the studio once looked unlikely after Cruise's production deal there was cut loose in 2006, the year "Mission: Impossible III" was released. But both parties have recognized the promise in continuing a franchise that has grossed $1.4 billion worldwide.

Cruise has been on board to produce the fourquel with "M:I3" director J.J. Abrams since June. They have handed off an original idea to screenwriters Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec, who wrote for Abrams' spy series "Alias."

The studio and producers are now out to directors, as Abrams has not signed on to helm the followup.

With the "Mission" greenlight, Paramount has re-upped another franchise to join forthcoming sequels to 2009 hits "G.I. Joe," "Transformers" (July 2011) and "Star Trek" (June 2012), plus new franchise "The Adventures of Tintin" (Christmas 2011).

Paramount has released Cruise vehicles "Top Gun," "Days of Thunder," "The Firm," "War of the Worlds," "Vanilla Sky" and "Tropic Thunder," which featured the star in a rare secondary comedic role.

Since toplining "Valkyrie" two years ago, the CAA-repped Cruise next stars in the Fox action-comedy "Knight and Day," hitting theaters Fourth of July weekend.

Guinness Book of World Records

Video director David Rousseau said he and the Cash Money team might need to check the "Guinness Book of World Records": He and his company Creativeseen may be the new record-holders for most music videos shot in 48 hours.

Lil Wayne was expected to begin serving his one-year sentence on a weapons-possession charge on Tuesday (February 9), and while that sentencing was postponed until March 2, the MC has spent recent weeks manically recording music and videos — and over the past weekend, he hit the latter with a vengeance.

Cash Money chiefs Ronald "Slim" Williams and his brother Brian (a.k.a. Baby, a.k.a. the Birdman) enlisted Rousseau to shoot nine videos for Lil Wayne during Friday, Saturday and parts of Sunday. The director said he and his crew started setting up for the production around 9 a.m. Friday and the last camera stopped rolling at around 8 a.m. on Super Bowl Sunday.

"We shot some sh-- from the [We Are Young Money compilation] album, we shot something from [Wayne's forthcoming] Tha Carter IV. Some stuff from [Wayne's recent LP] Rebirth," the director told MTV News on Tuesday, before Wayne's sentencing was postponed. "We knew what our deadline was. We're trying to get maximum coverage for Wayne. Most of the time we only shot Wayne's verses — we'll finish the rest of the videos off in the next couple of weeks.

Rousseau, who had previously directed the soon-to-be-released Young Money video "Roger That" and the recently released Kevin Rudolf/ Wayne/ Birdman/ Jay Sean collaboration "I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)," said the Williams brothers contacted him two weeks ago about his huge task.

"We were put on hold," Rousseau said. "Cash Money said, 'This is our deadline. This is a hard deadline.' It was basically a 'Mission: Impossible' [scenario]: This is your mission if you choose to accept it. Everybody is onboard because everybody knows what's at stake. Unlike T.I. and some of these other guys that's disappeared while they were in, the point is to keep Wayne [visible] on TV and everything for whatever time he's in. There was a plan in action. Slim and Baby really could foresee that. He's at the height of his career, you can't let that momentum slip."

Some of the videos that were shot over the weekend were "Da Da Da," "Knockout" and "Get a Life" from Rebirth and a brand-new Weezy song from the highly anticipated Carter IV. "Da Da Da" features the rock band !Mayday! — which performed at Wayne's "farewell" party on Sunday night — and was shot on location at the Marlin Hotel in Miami. The rest of the clips were filmed at the New Art studio in North Miami in front of a green screen and white background, so footage can be added later.

"There isn't a title for it," Rousseau said of the Carter IV song. "Honestly, I can't tell you too much about it. That was a complete secret. We had to kick everyone off the set for it. No photography, even their official photographer had to leave. That's under wraps. The album is still under production. It's a crazy song."

Rousseau did divulge that the video from Tha Carter IV record would have parts of performance as well as a story line, as does the video for "Knockout."

"We got some concepts," the director said about what we can expect from the videos. "Cash Money came to the table with certain rough concepts. We went off that. In the next couple of weeks, we'll figure out what we got; 'Let's take this over here, let's take this over there.' At the end of the day, what it comes down to is making sure you got Wayne in the can. There's rough ideas for everything. They may not be completely sculpted out, but there is a plan. Nothing is done, just to do it. Everything was pre-thought, whether it be by Baby or Slim or Wayne himself. They're in the loop. As a label they were prepped."

Along with the Cash Money/ Young Money family, Juelz Santana, Yo Gotti and boxer Sugar Shane Mosley came out for the shoots.

"We tried to keep it wide, medium, close-up, just him vibing. Then we let him go change clothes," Rousseau said about the different shots in the videos. "Then other people would come in for 30 minutes. Wayne would come back out, same thing; wide, medium, close-up. Then we bring out somebody else who is on the song, Nicki Minaj, Sean Garrett, Baby, Tyga. Then again, 35 minutes [later] Wayne would come out. The only way to keep him fresh is [doing it] like a basketball team. You know, you can't give your starter too many minutes: You got him for 35 minutes on the court, outfit change. It was a tight schedule. We shot 16, 18 hours [a day]. He was there the whole time. He was a trooper.

"He was in a zone," Rousseau continued. "He was ready. It was a work mentality. He's getting prepared for everything that's about to happen to him. He knows it's the fourth quarter. He was completely cooperative, and completely professional."

Asked how he maintains such a rigorous schedule, Wayne told BBC Radio 1's Tim Westwood last weekend, "Determination. You set a goal. I'm one of those people that don't stop until the goal is done."

Besides the aforementioned videos, Weezy told Westwood that he recently shot four in Los Angeles, one in Dallas and has "been shooting" in Atlanta as well. Those videos include Rebirth's "Drop the World" (with Eminem) as well as "Roger That" and "Girl I Got You" from the Young Money LP. He also filmed "WTF" with Shawty Lo in Atlanta.

Of course, Wayne now has a bit more time to work on these videos — and probably a lot more.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Single In The City

Everyone is looking for that special someone and would like to do so in a fun and safe environment. Radiance Public Relations, LLC presents: Single In The City Speed Dating Charity Event. This is an opportunity for young professionals ages 24-30 to meet each other, find common interest and network in a upscale contemporary environment.

Proceeds from the event will go to "Get Glamorous Prom Make Over" event that assist young underprivileged senior high school girls with the opportunity to receive a prom dress, shoes, accessories and a make over so that they can attend their prom and look glamorous.

Date: Thursday February 18, 2010

Time: Check in 7:30pm. and Start time: 8:00pm.-10:00pm.

Location: Level Dining Lounge (700 N. High St.)

Price: Admission for the event is $12.00

***You must pre-register for the event in order to secure a spot. The day of the event you would just need to show your ID to the registration table.


Go To:

About Speed Dating:

Speed Dating is the dating trend that's fast, fun and safe. At our speed dating singles events, you get to speed date 10 - 15 people. Speed dating is a fantastic way to meet lots of professional singles in one night in a stylish, centrally located venue.