Friday, November 7, 2008

Iverson Trade Boosts Detroit Pistons Ticket Sales

Allen Iverson hasn't yet stepped on the court for the Pistons, but Detroit's new star already is boosting the team's fortunes.

The Pistons have averaged 5,000 daily individual ticket sales since the deal was announced Monday. The team also has sold 100 additional season tickets.
The team says Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were the Pistons' biggest sales days of the season

Billups, Antonio McDyess and Cheikh Samb to Denver for the former league MVP.
The Pistons also announced Thursday that more than 1,000 orders have been placed for Iverson jerseys. They are expected to arrive in stores on Friday.

I remember when I first heard I was halfway sleep and I knew the Pistons were playing and I kept hearing the announcers say " Iverson this, Iverson that..". But I was sooo sleepy all I remember is thinking is, " That's not the color of the Denver Nuggets??" lol Clearly I was exhausted! But then the next morning I heard about the trade. I was thrown off, but then again I was happy because now he's not too far from me to go see a game!!

Anyone who knows me knows I love basketball and that AI is one of my FAVORITE players. He's what in his mid 30s and still be ballin' harder than some of the younger cats in the game. But then again, when you absolutely love what you do, you'll do whatever it takes to always be your best and give a great performance. I'm looking forward to traveling to a few games at The Palace of Auburn Hills!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree cuzzo!!! Roadtrips to the D will be happening more!!!


JA said...

Girl what you know about Allen Iverson he is sexy

Ran said...

Girl who you tellin!!?! Ive been following him since he played for Georgetown!!! I was at the All Star game when he played in cleveland, he almost was attacked!!lolol

Anonymous said...

I should have known you would have Iverson on here! All u need is Usher and you will have your 2 FAV men up here!!lol Well your 2 FAV celebrity men...I know who your FAV man in the whole wide world is??? And I think he knows too?lol He's a celebrity in his own right....;o)


Anonymous said...

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