Friday, November 28, 2008

Hmmmmm.....I Wish My Mind Would Let Me Sleep

Sooooo its a fri night and I'm laying in bed tired as heck!!! I did Thanksgiving dinner at my house and cooked my 1st turkey ever!!!

It was my 1st time ever hosting and cooking such a big meal!!! I was sooooo nervous!!!lol Don't get me wrong I do cook and can cook, but I've never had that big of a responsibility before.

Dinner was great, family slammed, and we had a great time!! We just laughed, took pictures, watched football games, and movies as we ate. Everthing was goin well until my aunt made me cry!!!!lol She didnt mean to, she just was saying how proud my mom would've have been for the dinner I prepared if she was still here with us:o(

Now on fri, I just chilled with my cuzzo for a few hours!! We had soooooo much fun!! We always do tho. We were discussing some vacations we need to be planning. If anyone knows me, they know I love to travel!!!!lol My dad tells me all the time I need to be a flight attendant or join the airforce to be able to travel more frequently and for free!!!!

Now I'm sitting in my bed trying to go to sleep cuz I'm sooooo freakin tired, but I can't!?! I just finished watching my cavs win their game. They was def ballin!!! Now I'm wondering when I'm gonna make it to a game?? Haven't been to one in years;o( But I def need to hit one up!!! I already told my dad and nephew they have to be my date to some of the games!!!lol Unless, the person I really want to go can fit it into their busy schedule and make time for it???? Hmmmm, we'll see how it goes??

Well I'm gonna try and do this fall asleep thing because I'm tired and I do kinda have to work tomorrow. Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Just wanted to wish everyone a very safe, blessed, and Happy Thanksgiving. As I was in my house preparing my yummy Thanksgiving meal, this song just happened to pop into my mind. Hmmmm...I seem to be having a lot of things just " Pop " up in my head lately?? This is one of my absolute favorite songs in the world and by Brandy.

I can feel every word she's saying and all the emotions she's putting into the song, I have definitely felt them myself before!!! Heck just most recently to be all the way real!!!lol Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do and hope you all have a great holiday!!! Don't worry about eating all the goods either, ya girl will be in the gym tomorrow double time!!!!lol

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Flashback Moment............

I don't know why, but for some reason I woke up with this song on my mind??? It really brings back some good memories from the past and it brings back some hard memories as well. But I will definitely say the good out weighs the bad.

This song is special to me because of a special someone. No matter what I'm going through or what they are going through we always know that we are always " One Call Away". I never realized how much this song had an impact on me until this morning?? Just reflecting back on everything that has happened over the last 10 mths it really put it into perspective for me.

So to that special person, Thank you for always being just " One Call Away" no matter what and for always uplifting me and never putting me down. I got your back just like you have mine, ALWAYS!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Workin It Out" Diary Entry 4

Ok soooo, I had to roll solo to the training session today but it's cool!! I hate working out alone, but I still did my thing!!! My trainer was really surprised that I had showed back up to meet with her again after she tried to kill me the last time!!!lol

So I did my 2 cardio workout to warm up then it was all about the lower body workout today!!! When I tell you she had me doing some ISH!!! Lunges, squats, 2 different inner and outer thigh machines, step ups with ankle weights, and some other machine that needed to be banned like the Ab Machine I had mentioned before.

It was hard, but I had my Ipod blaring and my mind on the ultimate prize at the end of my 15 to 20 pound journey!!!!lol I'm not hurting too bad now, but I have a feeling that tomorrow I will not be able to sit too good?!?!?lol It's cool though, it will be well worth it when it comes time for Spring Break, Memorial Day Weekend, And of course my B'Day weekend in July!!! Body will defiantly be beach ready!!!lol

Okay now I'm off to start cleaning and organizing my house for Thanksgiving Dinner. Its only 2 days away a I have a whole lot of cooking to do!!! Hope everyone has a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!!!

P.S. Stay tuned for the beach wear that will be posted soon!!!lol I know its months away, but I looooooooovvvvve the summer!!!

A Little Insight Into Beyonce's Life

I just so happened to come by this and thought it would be something good to post. A lot of people give Beyonce a lot of flack for being so secretive and kind of stand offish when it comes to her personal life. I for one can understand why she down plays things in her private life, ( like her relationship and ultimate marriage to Jay), because when you have too many cooks in the kitchen somebody is bound to get burned!!!
But I truly feel that as she is getting older, and expanding her brand, she opens up a little more. I honestly think that her getting married has helped that also. Note her latest magazine interview in Essence and her appearance on Oprah. She's also wearing her wedding ring a lot more too!!!

Fellas....... A Little Gucci For You!!!!!

Okay now this post is a little bit unusual because as I'm sitting here looking up some hotness for the fellas,and my dad walks into my house and scares the holy crap out of me!!!lol He thought I was at work, and tried to sneak over and still some fish I cooked yesterday!!!! He thought he was slick!!!lol

So as I'm sitting here looking he's sitting here smashing and looking right over my shoulder telling me what I should post and what I should get him for xmas!!!! So to all the fellas I'm merely clicking and posting. I have no part in what's being posted for your hotness. I am however interested to see if today's young man would feel the taste of an older man who is a father and not too much up to date on today's fashion??

I'm dying to hear the feedback on this one!!!lol Oh and so is my dad!!!lol And say what cha feel, don't hold back just because my dad picked the stuff out. I will say that I do see at least 2 pair that I think are nice!!!!!

Ladies........ A Little Bit of Roberto Cavalli For Ya!!

Just a little something for the ladies to check out as you get your christmas lists ready!!! They had a lot of fire on the site, but I just picked an array of choices. Well at least I tried to!!lol Hope ya like??

Beyonce Glams Up “Cadillac Records” Premiere

Continuing to branch out from her mainstay singing career, Beyonce Knowles was spotted looking fine at the big Hollywood premiere of her new movie “Cadillac Records.”

The “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” songstress arrived on the red carpet outside the Egyptian Theater last night (November 24) hamming it up in a black Dolce & Gabbana dress complete with fluffed-out sleeves and peep-toe heels.

In “Cadillac Records,” Beyonce plays the role of legendary soul singer Etta James in a story about the 1950s music industry, chronicling the life of record executive Leonard Chess and Chess Records’ singers.

And if “Cadillac Records” fares as well as expected, Beyonce will be adding even more money to her big 2008 earnings that helped garner her and husband Jay-Z the title of Forbes’ Top Earning Couple for 2008.


Venturing Out To New Places

So for the last few months I have been really considering packing up all my belongings and moving away from Ohio. The past year has been a whirlwind of emotions and I finally think that it's time for me to venture out and see what else is out there besides Ohio??

Because of the type of work I do, I can pretty much go anywhere in the United Sates or anywhere in the world for that matter. I do work in the medical field and I absolutely love what I do!! I wouldn't change it for the world. Yeah I get in my ranting and raving modes when people come in with the most basic thing as a sore throat, but are wearing a tank top and flip flops in 22 degree weather ( see previous post), but at the end of the day I love my job!!

I love the fact that I can put a smile on a person's face just because they may be old and in a nursing home where they may not see anyone but the people who work there on a daily basis because their family doesn't see them and give love to them.

I love when a child comes in terrified of shots or just to get a throat swab and I can calm them down or demonstrate it on myself just to put them at ease to let them know it will be okay, we just want to make them feel better.

I love when a couple comes in and one has a cut on a finger from cooking dinner and the wife says, " Next time your cutting the veggies!!" or the husband has ran into the side of the house or the air conditioner while mowing the lawn and he says, " Well next time your gonna be out there mowing with me so if I go down, we both go down!!"lol

I love the fact that I never know what's gonna walk through my door? And I love the fact that I can honestly say I helped someone feel better or even better potentially saved their life. Because of the love for my job I have alot of ideas to expand with different charities, organizations, and businesses. My ultimate goal is to one day own, operate, and dedicate a hospital to my late grandmother and mother.

I have high standards in life and I know I'm no where near them yet, but I'm not too far from them either!! As long as I have faith in myself and in God I know all things are possible!! I look forward to seeing anyone else with big goals and dreams at the top!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Xmas Wish List

These are just a few things that I have had my eyes on for xmas gifts. I believe I've been a good girl, but I guess I'll find out for sure on xmas day??lol
So what is on your Xmas list????

Montag and Pratt Head For The Hills and Elope

The ubiquitous couple from MTV's The Hills, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, have tied the knot.
The One & Only Palmilla Resort near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, turned into a wedding venue for Montag, 22, and Pratt, 25, on Thursday. They were there for what they thought would be just a day on the shore.

"We had some margaritas on the beach. I brought it up," Pratt tells Us Weekly, out Wednesday. "I was just putting it out there, how easy it would be with no family drama, no issues with friends or former friends. … We asked if the chapel was available, and they said yes."

And what about wedding rings? "The hotel had a store, and these were the only rings they had," Montag tells Us. "They are made of leather."

Says Pratt: "I'm a bit embarrassed of mine because it has a little jingly flower on it."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

OSU Routs Michigan 42-7, Buckeyes Get Big 10 Share

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — It took five big plays to give Ohio State an unprecedented fifth straight win over rival Michigan. Noted Wolverines nemesis Chris "Beanie" Wells had two of those, including a 59-yard touchdown run and 134 yards rushing to help the 10th-ranked Buckeyes beat their archrivals 42-7 Saturday, the first time in 105 meetings that they've strung together five wins.

Ohio State's margin was the biggest by either team in the rivalry since Woody Hayes was prowling and growling on the sidelines in a 50-14 rout of Michigan in 1968.

Freshman phenom Terrelle Pryor threw two TD passes, Brian Hartline caught two scoring passes and Dan Herron ran for two more scores to give the Buckeyes (10-2, 7-1) their third win in a row and a share of their fourth straight Big Ten title.

"If you watched their films, the teams they played did not run four yards, five yards, four yards, five yards," said Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, now 7-1 against Michigan. "They either ran minus-1 or hit big ones, whether it was run or pass. ... Sometimes they have overcommitted and some people have hit some big ones."

The lopsided defeat put a fitting cap on the worst season in Michigan's 129 years of intercollegiate football.

In coach Rich Rodriguez's first season, the Wolverines (3-9, 2-6) lost the most games in school history, missed a bowl trip for the first time in 34 years and had the first losing season in 41 years.

Asked how the season would be remembered, Rodriguez said, "Hopefully (we will) remember it as a blip on the screen, a one-time happening."

Junior tailback Brandon Minor, who scored Michigan's only touchdown, said: "You can't really blame Rich Rod because everybody on the team did not buy in like they're supposed to. We have a couple of guys not going hard. We'll correct that most definitely. That ain't going to happen on my watch as a senior."

Michigan largely held its own — except for those five big plays.

After the Buckeyes' first three possessions ended in an interception and two three-and-outs, Wells burst through a hole on the first play and went untouched 59 yards for the score.

Early in the second quarter, Pryor looped a deep ball over the middle that Hartline ran under and took 53 yards past safety Stevie Brown for a 14-0 lead.

Michigan punched it in on fourth-and-goal to go into halftime down just 14-7, but two long drives to start the first half ended with punts.

After the first punt pinned Ohio State at its 9, Wells went 42 yards on the first play, and Herron went for a 51-yard score on the next play.

Rodriguez called Wells "a first-rounder" in the NFL draft. Told that Wells was only a junior, Rodriguez smirked and repeated, "He's a first-rounder."

Tressel said the game turned on those two long runs.

"The turning point was when they punted us down to the 9 and then two plays later we scored," he said. "That was huge. A big run by Beanie, and then a big run by 'Boom" Herron. That really made a difference."

Zoltan Mesko's second punt of the half, a low line drive, was returned 80 yards by Ray Small — who missed the last two games while in Tressel's doghouse for unspecified problems. Pryor threw an 8-yard scoring pass to Brian Robiskie on the very next play and the Buckeyes were up 28-7 after just three offensive snaps in the second half.

Michigan quarterback Nick Sheridan, who struggled to throw the ball accurately all day, left briefly with an injury and was replaced by Justin Feagin, who was also ineffective.

Sheridan completed eight of 24 passes for 87 yards, and was sacked twice.

The Wolverines made life tough on Pryor early. Brown intercepted a weak pass in the left flat and returned it 34 yards, but the offense went backward and K.C. Lopata shanked a 35-yard field-goal attempt.

Pryor finished just 5-for-13 for 120 yards and two TDs passing, and was held to minus-7 yards rushing.

But with Ohio State making the most of its big plays, that was more than enough.

The Buckeyes added two more fourth-quarter scores, on Herron's 2-yard run and an 18-yard TD pass from senior Todd Boeckman — who was replaced as the starter by Pryor in the fourth game.

BlackBerry Storm Sales Delayed By Software Glitch? Click Screen A Flop?

RIM's new BlackBerry Storm is proving to be popular with some people -- many Verizon Wireless stores sold out of their first batches yesterday. But while Verizon initially promised quick Internet orders, shipment for new orders has been delayed to "by Dec. 15." This is potentially bad news for RIM, whose third quarter ends Nov. 29. (See below for details.)

Why the delay? Engadget reports that Verizon is being forced to downgrade the phones in its inventory to an older version of RIM's operating system to potentially avoid a "security glitch," which was first alleged by mobile blog Boy Genius Report. (We don't know if this is true. We're checking with Verizon and will update if we hear back.)

Engadget: Supposedly the Storm was set to launch with OS version, but due to a last-minute security glitch every last handset had to be downgraded to .65 -- a surely time-consuming task that resulted in many fewer handsets in-store and online for release. Right now Verizon is indicating that orders placed before noon on November 21 should ship on the 25th, those received after noon will ship on December 5, and anything received on November 22 or later will not ship before December 15. That's close enough to a certain major holiday to make BlackBerry-loving kids of all ages nervous.

Nervous indeed -- and something that, if true, could potentially negatively impact RIM's Q3 results -- the quarter that ends Nov. 29 -- and Q4 guidance. We assume RIM's Q3 device shipments are at lower risk because, in theory, the phones have already been sold to Verizon, whose staff is tinkering with them. (Though it's possible Verizon's orders in Q3 and Q4 will be lower while they can't ship phones they already have.)

More important: If thousands of people can't buy new Storms until next month, they can't sign up to be new BlackBerry service subscribers until next month -- which is part of RIM's Q4. Which could negatively impact RIM's Q3 subscriber growth. How much? We don't know. But it's definitely not good news for RIM or Verizon.

And if the delay extends further into the Christmas buying season, it's even worse. Why? Besides delaying Storm purchases, it could push on-the-fence buyers to consider other phones, such as Apple's (AAPL) iPhone.

That could be happening already. We've seen some anecdotal evidence -- like multiple Twitter conversations -- panning the Storm's "click" touchscreen, which you have to press down hard to type with -- and dismissing the phone's threat to Apple. (We think it's a decent phone, but we personally find the keypad more gimmicky than helpful.)

Family Shock At Florida Web Death

Biggs killed himself after announcing his intentions in a blog
The family of a US teenager who killed himself live online via a webcam have spoken of their regret at how no-one stopped the unfolding suicide.

Abraham Biggs, 19, from Pembroke Pines, near Miami, killed himself hours after announcing his plan on his blog.

His father said it was "unimaginable" that neither the website's operators nor any viewers alerted the police.

Biggs took an overdose of anti-depressive drugs, but remained comatose online for hours before he died.

His father, Abraham Biggs Sr, said he had no idea his son was contemplating suicide.

''We were very good friends,'' Mr Biggs said of his son, adding: "It's wrong that it was allowed to happen.''

Biggs Jr, who was studying to be a paramedic at the college where his father is a maths professor, suffered from mental illness which his mother said had finally claimed his life.

''My son, Abraham Biggs Jr, was well-loved and cared for. However, the mental illness of bipolarity and depression got the better part of him,'' she wrote on MySpace.

'Nothing happened'

The sense of disbelief at the teenager's death was heightened by the realisation that his end was drawn out and, most likely, preventable.

He began the process by posting messages telling people he was going to kill himself, and then started streaming live pictures from his home.

Reports say that some of viewers who logged in to watch began to encourage the teenager to kill himself, while others tried to dissuade him.

After several hours, when he had not moved some viewers finally notified the site's moderator, who then called the police.

The boy's sister, Rosalind Biggs, denounced the website,, which allows people to broadcast themselves online: "They got hits, they got viewers, nothing happened for hours."

It is unclear how many people watched Wednesday's suicide unfold, although reports suggest that some viewers thought it was a hoax.

The last transmission from the webcam was of a police officer bursting into Abraham Biggs's room, where he discovers his body and then places his hand over the camera.

Michael Seifert, chief executive of, said the company and its staff would "take a moment to recognise and reflect upon the tragedy that occurred within our community" and offered condolences to the Biggs family.

The footage has since been taken down and his father is now calling for more regulation of chatrooms.

This is a very sad sad story!!! My prayers go out to his family and all those who mourn his loss. It's just hard to imagine that no one notified authorities about this and its even sicker that people were egging him on to kill himself. I understand that some wasn't sure if it was a hoax or not, but anytime someone is threating to take their life you notify the the police, hospital, fire dept whoever to stop it. Its always better to be safe than sorry...........

Gosh I Love Pastry!!!!!

Okay so some of my friends say I'm crazy for liking the Pastry Kicks from Vanessa & Angela Simmons, but OOOOOOOOO Well!!!lol I have always been a fan of the line because of the bright fun colors they include in their line.

I became an even bigger fan once I found out they were to partner up with The Girl's Scout Of America to design special made shoes that would be name after those famous Girl Scout cookies!!!

Here are a few of the new kicks that I like and I will definitely have to cop to rock. I must admit they are good shoes to wear when ya just running around doing errands and don't feel like rocking a heel, but still wanna be somewhat They are also comfortable enough to workout in too!!

I also included a few of the shirts that V & A has designed as well. They are def working on their empire and have a lot of different flavor they are trying to bring out to the world. Like I said some like it and some don't. All I know is these young ladies are making moves!!!! What are YOU doing??????????lol

This Is What Inspired The Name Of My Blog

This song is not really well known because it is not an official single off of Monica's soon to be released album. It's just a buzz single that has really became popular off of sites that you can download music as well as a huge single in Atl.

The song is entitle " Still Standing", and it features Monica's cousin Luda!!! I came across this song when I was in the lowest part of hurt, pain, loss, stress, and maybe even a little depression.

I have had such a hear year and I just didn't know what to do?? It seemed like everyone I loved I was losing in some way shape or form. People who I would seek guidance from, wisdom from, laughter from. They were all just not here anymore and I didn't know how to deal with that??

After hearing this song it just took on a whole different meaning to me. It game me strength, power, and courage. It made me look at who I was as a person and who everyone else had viewed me as also. I felt Mo's words like I was singing them myself!!! I can't sing a lick, bu I found myself feeling like I was!!!lol

I have always been a fan of Mo's. I remember when she she first came out with " Miss Thang", I had just happen to be in Atlanta visiting family and she was in the Underground Mall sopping. Here is this young woman with a hit record out huge all over the world, and she was still shopping like a regular person. A regular teenager with her friends, taking pics for fans, signing autographs, and just still living life.

I always admire Mo for always being true to herself and her fans!! She's never apologized for being who she is, what she's done, who she's dated, or what ever the case may be. She always was herself. You can call it the southern hospitality or just how she just is, but this song truly touches my heart every time I hear it!!

I could have piked a lot of clearer sounding performances or just a regular copy of the song with some made up video, but I didn't. I choose this one because it shows here emotion, beautiful vocals skills, and her really just believing and feeling the song!! It also show the love that her fellow peers have for her and the love and admiration that Rocko has for her as well.

I hope y'all enjoy this song as much as I do because I'm sure that y'all have had some of these same feelings or have known someone with the same feelings?? This song keeps me motivated and of course because of it..............I'M STILL STANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" Workin It Out " Diary Entry 3

So on thursday me and my cuzzo met with our trainer for the 1st time since starting our new workout routine.
She was a beast!!! She had us answer questions about what we wanted to do as far as loosing weight, gaining muscle, toning, strength, and things like that.
To start off we both did about 25 to 30 mins of cardio split between the treadmill and the elyptical. Then we started our individual workouts seeing as we have two totally different body types.
Our trainer started my cuzzo off with lower body workouts and had me start out on upper body workouts!!! OMG!!! She was trying to kill us!!!lol She had me do this one excercise on a machine that should be banned from all gyms and just usage period!!! I don't even know how to explain the contraption???lol All I know is that it helps to get rid of that little pouch that a lot of women complain about with their stomach.
She had my cuzzo workin those legs like crazy doing squats, step ups, and lundges!! She was soooooo pissed at our trainer!!!lol We both was gettin a workout for real!! Kris was ready to kill her but I Just stayed calm and was thinking about the end results!!!! That's my motivation, the end results!!!
Now today I went and worked out by myself at the gym at 930 this morning!! Cuzzo was hurting too bad but I told her she gotta work through the pain or her body won't get use to it. But she still declined to come;o(
I went to the kickboxing class and when I tell ya that's my ish!!!!!! I love it!!! Gettin a good workout and can take out some frustration too!!!!lol The instructor was cool too and funny as hell!!! It also helps that they play some good music too.
Next trainer session will be Tues. We will be switching me lower and Kris upper body. I haven't really noticed any change yet since it hasn't been that long that we started the program. I figure I will wait 2 more weeks before I weigh in and take measurements again.
Until next time,

Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay now I'm sooooooo ready to go home from work!! I've been here since 830am and I don't leave til about 930pm.
The morning started off busy then kind of slowed down around lunch time. Now that school and work is letting out, its starting to pick up again.
All day I've had people coming in hacking, sneezing, and running fevers from colds. Yea I know tis the season for colds, but if one more person comes in with these symptoms and have on capris, t-shirt, and flip flops with no coat or a thin ass jacket, I'm gonna loose my mind!!!!
What the hell man???? I mean I wonder why you're sick?? Its 28 degress here in OH and you come out the house dressed like its 70 or 80 degress??
Its my job to take care of hurt, injured, and sick people, but its not my job to entertain people with no common sense!!!!
Sorry I just had to rant a lil bit!!!lol Hope everyone has a warm safe weekend and GO BUCKS!!!!!lol

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fellas Something To Keep You Warm Too!!!

Okay, this is for all my fellas out there who have to deal with the cold winter months like I have to.;o( This coats can be rocked every where!! To work, chilling with the homies, or taking your girl out on a nice romantic date!!lol All the coats are courtesy of Mr. Swagger himself, Diddy. He had a lot of good stuff on his SeanJohn site. Fellas go check it out if ya need some ideas on what to rock this winter!! Ladies check it out if ya just wanna see Nelly in the SeanJohn Underwear Ad!!!lol

Ladies Something To Keep You Warm During These Looong Winter Months!!!

Since I live in, "never know what to expect the weather to be" Ohio!!!lol I figured I post nice winter coats up that any woman or girl could wear. If your rocking it to work or just kicking it with the fam & friends, one of these coats can be worn. All coats are courtesy of my girl Kimora Lee Simmons!! She always has at least 4 coats every year that I love.

Ryde or Die.......Jennifer Lopez

This was something I had stumbled upon. It is a song done by Jennifer Lopez But I also heard the version with Brandy featuring Postaboy (106 & Park freestyle hall of fame). I like both versions, but I must admit that Jennifer's voice just flowed with the song better. Now I'm not saying that she can out sing Brandy, because I really don't think she can! But that's my personal opinion and it's my blog so HA!lol But I do feel that Jens voice fit better to the song. Listen carefully to the words.

There are a lot of women who claim to be Ryde or Die chicks and there are a lot of men who say that they want a Ryde or Die girl. So listen carefully and let me know do you agree with this version of a Ryde or Die girl or do you have your own interpretation of a Ryde or Die Girl?? I'm looking forward to the feed back on this one!!!lol

Some More Hot Ish................SHOES!!!!!!

So me and my friend were talking about shoes ans started looking up some stuff online. Ladies, now ya'll know we love shoes!!! It's a part of our being to love shoes!!!lolol And fellas we know ya'll love a girl with a mean shoe game!! So tell me what ya'll think?????

"Workin It Out" Diary Entry 2

Soo, my 1st day at the gym went really well!! Me and my cuzzo did our thang and had a blast doing it!!!
I always feel much better when I'm working out with someone else or in a group because it seems to just go by much quicker.
Don't get me wrong, I have worked out by myself and still had the drive and focus ( thanks to my ipod), but it is soooo much easier when you have a buddy to do it with!!
We did the routine that was previously posted on my blog and it felt good. We also threw in some weights too for toning. All together it was about a good 1hr 1/2 of good hard work!!
Today we actually meet with our trainer to go through the whole getting weighed, what we wanna target as far as working out, what we wanna lose, what we wanna gain, and things of that nature.
I hear our trainer was a track star in high school and college!?! Of course I'd get stuck with a runner, seeing as, I HATE to run!!!!lol But like I said, I'm motivated, excited, and ready for a change!!!!
Alright bloggers, until next time, Smooches!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fellas...........I Didn't Forget About Ya'll!!!!!

I didn't forget about the fellas!!!! And obviously, neither did Tiffany's!!! So fellas, let me know what cha think??? Shoot one day my future husband may be rocking something from Tiffany's??? If he act right!!!!!!lolol (hmmmm, wonder where i got that from??? wink wink)

Ladies.............Some Hott Ish!!!

So I was just mentioning jewelery and I started to think about that wonderful, beautiful, always makes a girl smile Tiffany Jewelery bag!!!! Every girl has to admit that she hopes to see one of those bags or boxes one day with that beautiful well known name on it!!!!lolol

Here's a few pieces that I really liked and thought was hot!!! Let me know what you think??????