Saturday, November 22, 2008

This Is What Inspired The Name Of My Blog

This song is not really well known because it is not an official single off of Monica's soon to be released album. It's just a buzz single that has really became popular off of sites that you can download music as well as a huge single in Atl.

The song is entitle " Still Standing", and it features Monica's cousin Luda!!! I came across this song when I was in the lowest part of hurt, pain, loss, stress, and maybe even a little depression.

I have had such a hear year and I just didn't know what to do?? It seemed like everyone I loved I was losing in some way shape or form. People who I would seek guidance from, wisdom from, laughter from. They were all just not here anymore and I didn't know how to deal with that??

After hearing this song it just took on a whole different meaning to me. It game me strength, power, and courage. It made me look at who I was as a person and who everyone else had viewed me as also. I felt Mo's words like I was singing them myself!!! I can't sing a lick, bu I found myself feeling like I was!!!lol

I have always been a fan of Mo's. I remember when she she first came out with " Miss Thang", I had just happen to be in Atlanta visiting family and she was in the Underground Mall sopping. Here is this young woman with a hit record out huge all over the world, and she was still shopping like a regular person. A regular teenager with her friends, taking pics for fans, signing autographs, and just still living life.

I always admire Mo for always being true to herself and her fans!! She's never apologized for being who she is, what she's done, who she's dated, or what ever the case may be. She always was herself. You can call it the southern hospitality or just how she just is, but this song truly touches my heart every time I hear it!!

I could have piked a lot of clearer sounding performances or just a regular copy of the song with some made up video, but I didn't. I choose this one because it shows here emotion, beautiful vocals skills, and her really just believing and feeling the song!! It also show the love that her fellow peers have for her and the love and admiration that Rocko has for her as well.

I hope y'all enjoy this song as much as I do because I'm sure that y'all have had some of these same feelings or have known someone with the same feelings?? This song keeps me motivated and of course because of it..............I'M STILL STANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of the woman that you have become!! You alwayssay you have a long way t go, but that's just the fight in you, that never can settle for less attitude. That's 1 of the qualites that makes you such a great woman!! You inspire me to be a better woman.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! I've read some of your posts and from what you have written you have been through a rough year. My prayers are with you and your family.

After watching this video and reading what you wrote I can see why this song inspired you. If the words you wrote and those that I have read others write about you are true.....I'm quite sure that you will make it out this storm and you will definately be....Still Standing

Susan B