Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Britney B?$ch!!!!!!!

I have loved Brit since I first heard the beat drop for " Baby One More Time". She is one for the pioneers if not THE pioneer of the 90's pop takeover!!!
She may not had the chops that Christina has, but she def put her stamp on the pop market!! She is a franchise within herself that keeps expanding and making $$$.
Yea she made some mistakes, had some driving incidents, a couple marriages, a huge breakup, a couple kids, and a nervous/mental breakdown. But after watching her special last night it just shows that she is like us, she's human.
No matter how much money, fame, and recognition she has, at the end of the day she is human just like you and I. I pray that she is back on the right track and keeps her life together for the sake of her children and fans. Brit Brit is truly loved and admired amongst many people around the world.
I mean I def felt what her choreographer was saying, how he saw the fire back in her eyes again. Its sooo true!! Her honest raw emotions and thoughts was displayed for all to see and feel. Sure she kept a little inside, but like she said, " I'll write a book one day."
My thing is if Mariah can come back from what she was going thru in a huge way and take back one of those top spots, then so can Britney!!! I'm def prayin 4 ya momma!!!


Anonymous said...

i knoooooow. brit is madd cool.

ill;kinda said...

I've always had compassion for Britney cuz it seems like the media made her have that mental breakdown. She had no time to do her own thing, it was always being captured or in the public eye . I like Britney .

JuJu said...

yess!! i watched this last night too!! she def showed a real tru side of her and made everyone realize she's only human jes like the rest of us! go team britney!