Saturday, November 22, 2008

" Workin It Out " Diary Entry 3

So on thursday me and my cuzzo met with our trainer for the 1st time since starting our new workout routine.
She was a beast!!! She had us answer questions about what we wanted to do as far as loosing weight, gaining muscle, toning, strength, and things like that.
To start off we both did about 25 to 30 mins of cardio split between the treadmill and the elyptical. Then we started our individual workouts seeing as we have two totally different body types.
Our trainer started my cuzzo off with lower body workouts and had me start out on upper body workouts!!! OMG!!! She was trying to kill us!!!lol She had me do this one excercise on a machine that should be banned from all gyms and just usage period!!! I don't even know how to explain the contraption???lol All I know is that it helps to get rid of that little pouch that a lot of women complain about with their stomach.
She had my cuzzo workin those legs like crazy doing squats, step ups, and lundges!! She was soooooo pissed at our trainer!!!lol We both was gettin a workout for real!! Kris was ready to kill her but I Just stayed calm and was thinking about the end results!!!! That's my motivation, the end results!!!
Now today I went and worked out by myself at the gym at 930 this morning!! Cuzzo was hurting too bad but I told her she gotta work through the pain or her body won't get use to it. But she still declined to come;o(
I went to the kickboxing class and when I tell ya that's my ish!!!!!! I love it!!! Gettin a good workout and can take out some frustration too!!!!lol The instructor was cool too and funny as hell!!! It also helps that they play some good music too.
Next trainer session will be Tues. We will be switching me lower and Kris upper body. I haven't really noticed any change yet since it hasn't been that long that we started the program. I figure I will wait 2 more weeks before I weigh in and take measurements again.
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