Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mi Familia

This past year me and my family has been through a lot. Just in the past 9 months alone we have lost 3 vital family members of our family.

The 1st was my mom. She had had bouts with cancer since I was a freshman in college. She was able to fight those bouts, but unfortunately in Feb of 2008, she was not able to fight that battle.

My mom had fought many demons in her life and because of those demons she was not always in me & my brothers life. Me and my mom actually just really started having a stable relationship when I was in the 8th grade. But through everything I knew she always loved us and wanted the best for her kids. I was her baby and only girl so we always had a special bond. She always taught me to do the complete opposite of what she did in life. And because of her I had the best of both worlds. I've seen the bad and the good. She always taught me that I have 2 be strong no matter what and always keep my faith in GOD. She was my Strength in life.

Now the second loss was of my abuelo, my pawpaw. He was the backbone of our family. He was just a simple, loving, strong country boy who raised 6 kids with his wife. He was a husband, father, teacher, hard worker, Army Vet, and much more!! My grandad was the funniest man I know. He would crack jokes and riff on any and everybody!!! But he did it out of love. He was so handsome, smooth, and just calm as all get out. I've never seen a mean streak in his body. He raised 6 kids of his own, numerous grandkids, great-grandkids, and neighborhood kids with no complaints!! He always had his door open no matter what! And would spoil the mess out of you too!!lol But only if you was doing something with your life. Now if ya wasn't doin nothing then ya wasn't getting nothing!! He was just great man!! Even after my grandmother passed 15 yrs ago, he never remarried, dated, or thought about another woman. He just took care of his family until he met his soulmate again, as he would say.
He was my Dedication & Calm Spirit

Now the last lost was my Uncle David. He was like my grandfather. Just a good strong man. He loved his family, friends, job, and guns!!! He was a US Marine and every since he's been a gun buff!! Always felt protected around him and not just because of his gun collection!!lol He was a comedian as well! always cracking jokes!! I remember when I was about 12 or 13 yrs old, he had this blue corvette that was just hott!! He had a racing tailpipe on it and it cause 3 family members to get burned. My grandma, my mom and ME!! I got it the worst tho. I remember him saying, " You said you wanted a tatoo when you get older, so bam!! I gave you your first one!!!" lol I was mad at first, but now when I look at my right leg, I can smile and think of my uncle.
He was my Comic Relief, Security Guard(lol), & Private Mechanic( yes he knew cars just like he knew his

I'm not trying to send out a sob message, but just a message to always tell a person you love them whenever you can cause you never know if you'll see them again or not. I have been so sad but after praying and with the support of family & good friends I've realized that they are in a much better place than we are.
When they crossed over, all the sickness, stress, sadness, bills, troubles, all the baggage they were carrying was left here. They don't have to worry about anything and that we are all trying to get where they are at....a nice peaceful sleep. Once we are lucky enough to be where they are, our baggage as well will be left behind!!

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Anonymous said...

Girl you areway stronger than you think!!! I don't know of anyone who could have went through what you have in just the last 9 mths!?!?!

You keep ya head right and your heart pure with the love of GOD like you do, and you will be fine!!!

God Bless,