Saturday, April 30, 2011


The time is here and I am sooo ready for a nice long vacation!!! I haven't been on a REAL vacation for a long time!! I mean a vacation where I can actually enjoy myself and those around me and not have to worry about work, networking, or anything like that. Just a time to actually relax have fun enjoy those around me. In less than 30 days me and my sister will be in beautiful Puerto Rico and we both cant wait!! We have been counting down the days!! lol

It was almost a last minute trip but I'm glad she brought it to my attention and now its just a few weeks away!!! Super excited isn't even the word!!! I've been to PR before, but as a child visiting family so I wasn't able to appreciate all it has to offer and of course enjoy the "Adult" atmosphere either. lol But this time its gonna be a week of nothing but fun fun and more fun!! I couldn't be going with a better trip mate!! We have nothing but FUN when we're together!!!

Our last mini road trip we had to ATL was an adventure all in itself!!! bawhahhah it was a mini pre game until the main event trip!!! LOL That's a whole different blog story!! But this trip is gonna be packed with so much fun, activities, food, drinks, shopping, and a whole lot more!!! I just can't wait to relax on the beach with the sun beaming down and a drink in had!!!!lol Oh yes!!! I'm ready for some tan lines!!! lol And speaking of activities...we have an 8am Rum Tour scheduled!!!! O_0 lol we will be hungover by noon messing with these folks!!! hahaha but that's what vacation is all about!!

The countdown is definitely in effect and we can't wait to board that plane!! we start off in different locations, me in Cols, Oh and her in Lansing, MI. But that layover we link up in ATL for a couple hrs to have lunch and a few cocktails then it's off to PR we go!!! Which reminds me???? I gotta get a new camera and a camcorder!! Fun, beaches, drinks, parties, food, shopping, and much more!!! Yes!!!! This trip is about to be EPIC!!!!!

To be continue..........