Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Planning For New Year's Pt. 2

Okay, so here are the next set of dresses I have been emailed by family and friends. As previously posted, I said I was looking for a hot New Year's dress or outfit. So far out of the first bunch I had received some good feedback and I did see at least 2 that I could rock out. Now looking at this bunch I can see the taste is starting to really come into my liking!!lol If y'all have any ideas for dresses, outfits, shoes, jewelery, purse, make-up, or even a hairstyle to match or wear let me know!! I'm open to any and all ideas!! I'm also anxious to see what people come up with!!!;o) So holla back at cha girl and let me know what's up!?!


Anonymous said...

I think you would look fly in #2 & #4!! That peach color would really look good on you cuz of your complexion. Good luck on the search!!


Miss Mandy V. said...

Oh the 2nd and 4th are fabulous.

Super Woman said...

2nd black dress is the bomb ..get it!