Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Workin It Out" Diary Entry 2

Soo, my 1st day at the gym went really well!! Me and my cuzzo did our thang and had a blast doing it!!!
I always feel much better when I'm working out with someone else or in a group because it seems to just go by much quicker.
Don't get me wrong, I have worked out by myself and still had the drive and focus ( thanks to my ipod), but it is soooo much easier when you have a buddy to do it with!!
We did the routine that was previously posted on my blog and it felt good. We also threw in some weights too for toning. All together it was about a good 1hr 1/2 of good hard work!!
Today we actually meet with our trainer to go through the whole getting weighed, what we wanna target as far as working out, what we wanna lose, what we wanna gain, and things of that nature.
I hear our trainer was a track star in high school and college!?! Of course I'd get stuck with a runner, seeing as, I HATE to run!!!!lol But like I said, I'm motivated, excited, and ready for a change!!!!
Alright bloggers, until next time, Smooches!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Damn cuzzo how long off is it til ya big bday bash??? You bout to be too fly!!lol I gotta step my game up and stop slacking off!! When ya hittin the gym again? I need to join in!