Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ryde or Die.......Jennifer Lopez

This was something I had stumbled upon. It is a song done by Jennifer Lopez But I also heard the version with Brandy featuring Postaboy (106 & Park freestyle hall of fame). I like both versions, but I must admit that Jennifer's voice just flowed with the song better. Now I'm not saying that she can out sing Brandy, because I really don't think she can! But that's my personal opinion and it's my blog so HA!lol But I do feel that Jens voice fit better to the song. Listen carefully to the words.

There are a lot of women who claim to be Ryde or Die chicks and there are a lot of men who say that they want a Ryde or Die girl. So listen carefully and let me know do you agree with this version of a Ryde or Die girl or do you have your own interpretation of a Ryde or Die Girl?? I'm looking forward to the feed back on this one!!!lol


B. Floyd said...

So secretly I'm a J.Lo stan...and this used to be my shit back in 04, when she started falling off.

I've never heard the Brandy version though. I might have to look for that.

Also, you'll have to show me how to post youtube videos...cause I have no clue.

Super Woman said...

i love Brandy ...And J.Lo has a special place in my heart for some odd reason....