Friday, November 21, 2008


Okay now I'm sooooooo ready to go home from work!! I've been here since 830am and I don't leave til about 930pm.
The morning started off busy then kind of slowed down around lunch time. Now that school and work is letting out, its starting to pick up again.
All day I've had people coming in hacking, sneezing, and running fevers from colds. Yea I know tis the season for colds, but if one more person comes in with these symptoms and have on capris, t-shirt, and flip flops with no coat or a thin ass jacket, I'm gonna loose my mind!!!!
What the hell man???? I mean I wonder why you're sick?? Its 28 degress here in OH and you come out the house dressed like its 70 or 80 degress??
Its my job to take care of hurt, injured, and sick people, but its not my job to entertain people with no common sense!!!!
Sorry I just had to rant a lil bit!!!lol Hope everyone has a warm safe weekend and GO BUCKS!!!!!lol

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Anonymous said...

GO!!!! People still dressing like Fantasia singing "Summertime"...SMDH!