Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gosh I Love Pastry!!!!!

Okay so some of my friends say I'm crazy for liking the Pastry Kicks from Vanessa & Angela Simmons, but OOOOOOOOO Well!!!lol I have always been a fan of the line because of the bright fun colors they include in their line.

I became an even bigger fan once I found out they were to partner up with The Girl's Scout Of America to design special made shoes that would be name after those famous Girl Scout cookies!!!

Here are a few of the new kicks that I like and I will definitely have to cop to rock. I must admit they are good shoes to wear when ya just running around doing errands and don't feel like rocking a heel, but still wanna be somewhat They are also comfortable enough to workout in too!!

I also included a few of the shirts that V & A has designed as well. They are def working on their empire and have a lot of different flavor they are trying to bring out to the world. Like I said some like it and some don't. All I know is these young ladies are making moves!!!! What are YOU doing??????????lol


Anonymous said...

Dag those are hott!! Im really diggin those silver and purple ones!! Good stuff!!


Anonymous said...

Okay yea u got some flavor!! Girls in NY rock the pastries hard in the summer wit they lil fits. Dats what's good