Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family Shock At Florida Web Death

Biggs killed himself after announcing his intentions in a blog
The family of a US teenager who killed himself live online via a webcam have spoken of their regret at how no-one stopped the unfolding suicide.

Abraham Biggs, 19, from Pembroke Pines, near Miami, killed himself hours after announcing his plan on his blog.

His father said it was "unimaginable" that neither the website's operators nor any viewers alerted the police.

Biggs took an overdose of anti-depressive drugs, but remained comatose online for hours before he died.

His father, Abraham Biggs Sr, said he had no idea his son was contemplating suicide.

''We were very good friends,'' Mr Biggs said of his son, adding: "It's wrong that it was allowed to happen.''

Biggs Jr, who was studying to be a paramedic at the college where his father is a maths professor, suffered from mental illness which his mother said had finally claimed his life.

''My son, Abraham Biggs Jr, was well-loved and cared for. However, the mental illness of bipolarity and depression got the better part of him,'' she wrote on MySpace.

'Nothing happened'

The sense of disbelief at the teenager's death was heightened by the realisation that his end was drawn out and, most likely, preventable.

He began the process by posting messages telling people he was going to kill himself, and then started streaming live pictures from his home.

Reports say that some of viewers who logged in to watch began to encourage the teenager to kill himself, while others tried to dissuade him.

After several hours, when he had not moved some viewers finally notified the site's moderator, who then called the police.

The boy's sister, Rosalind Biggs, denounced the website,, which allows people to broadcast themselves online: "They got hits, they got viewers, nothing happened for hours."

It is unclear how many people watched Wednesday's suicide unfold, although reports suggest that some viewers thought it was a hoax.

The last transmission from the webcam was of a police officer bursting into Abraham Biggs's room, where he discovers his body and then places his hand over the camera.

Michael Seifert, chief executive of, said the company and its staff would "take a moment to recognise and reflect upon the tragedy that occurred within our community" and offered condolences to the Biggs family.

The footage has since been taken down and his father is now calling for more regulation of chatrooms.

This is a very sad sad story!!! My prayers go out to his family and all those who mourn his loss. It's just hard to imagine that no one notified authorities about this and its even sicker that people were egging him on to kill himself. I understand that some wasn't sure if it was a hoax or not, but anytime someone is threating to take their life you notify the the police, hospital, fire dept whoever to stop it. Its always better to be safe than sorry...........


abw711 said...

Wow....this is insane. I really don't know what to say.

Super Woman said...

i still dont understand what the family is so upset about with the internet company

i guess its because they are so hurt that it happened they have to find someone to blame but hell....

if im sitting there and somebody says they gonna kill theyself online i'd probably dismiss it as a hoax too ...its not something of the norm...

cant be mad at the people who watched ...if it wasnt for them the cops probably wouldnt have made it their when they did even though it was too late