Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let Beyoncé Design Your Prom Dress

Beyoncé Knowles is one elegant lady, so I was a little surprised when House of Deréon -- the line she created with her mother Tina -- was all about denim and sportswear. But now the ultra-fabulous diva is a creator clothes that seem more in keeping with her personal sense of style. She's even re-launching her fashion label with a focus on more formal occasions -- like prom for instance. Apparently, the inspiration for the new direction came from Tina, who says: "Girls literally stop me on the street and ask me to personally make them a prom dress.

" Obviously, she couldn't accommodate all those random strangers, but this new move should give them a little something to look forward to come prom season.Look out for the dresses this January in high-end stores like Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's. They wholesale for $120 to $300, so you can expect to spend a little on your dazzling new threads -- but to have a dress hand-picked by Tina and Beyoncé, it's probably worth it.
Quick Note: Check out B's shoes!!! They are fire!!! Momma Tina's ain't no joke either!!!

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Beyonce looking all nice lol