Monday, December 8, 2008

I Need A Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in soooo much of a need to get away to just relax and chill out. Shoot who isn't??lol I love to travel always have and always will!! My next big trip I want to take will be to Fiji. Now it may not happen til around July or august of next year?? I say this because I am in the process of deciding if i will be packing up and leaving Ohio for good??

I believe it is time for a change, I've been here all my life and i have never experienced going away and being away from my immediate family. Hell i didn't go away to college like i really wanted to, but i had my reasons for that.

So hopefully within the next 2 to 3 mths I will know for sure what I'll be doing?? I do know for sure that I will be taking this trip!!! So i guess I have to start rounding my girls up now so we can al experience something different.

Side Note: Yes, that is a hotel room under water!!!! How dope is that?????


Nellz said...

wowow all those pics got me like damnnnn i should use these 90 hour vaca time i gottt and that hotel under wata is something serious

Mr.Getz Bizzy said...

I want to go to Dubai next year for my summer vaca or I'm thinking about going to India with my play mom, she's from there, the ticket is about 1700$ alone, I'm trying to step up my passport game in 09.

Kofi Bofah said...

You have never left Ohio?

I find that a lot of people in the Midwest never move.


I am urging you to experience at least 3 different sections of the country before you decide where to settle.

And I know that you are getting antsy now because of this cold.

Lastly, I am not feeling that underwater Hotel.

I am already thinking about an exit strategy if the roof caves in and the place is flooded with water.

Not good.