Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Feb. 11-14, 2009, at the Ritz Carlton, Grand Lakes, Orlando, FL.

In its third year year, Black Enterprise is proud to bring back the Women of Power Summit - an exciting, three-day executive leadership conference designed especially for professional women of color. Prepare for more sessions, more speakers, and the most inspiring and motivational women you will ever meet! Last year, more than 750 executive women of color gathered in California for the third annual Women of Power Summit. The four-day career enhancement conference created an environment that promoted fellowship and encouraged attendees to network, bond, share strategies, and learn from each other's experience

Okay so I am soooo excited that I was offered the opportunity to be apart of one of the greatest summit's there is. Even though it is mainly geared toward women who are already in higher up positions in their jobs or company owners, it is also a great opportunity for up and coming business or professional women to attend as well.

Though I have not obtained the ultimate dream of owning my own hospital yet, I do have other projects in the works to get me on my way. My aunt who is a very prominent doctor in Mississippi will be attending this event and she asked me, well told me I was going!!

I sat down and talked with her about my plans of opening different outreach programs and different medical programs and organizations where I'm from and she was really impressed and said that she believed in me and will do whatever she could do to help me out. It's weird because she's not really blood related to me, but she has always been rooting for me and supportive of me. Her and her husband, whom I call uncle. They are both doctors and have 4 beautiful girls of their own that are just as smart and polite as they wanna be!!

I have done some research on this summit and have come to find out that if you are a minority period this is the place to be to network and learn from other strong, intelligent, powerful, hard working women. Even though this is geared towards women, men are also welcome to come, but just remember this is structured to uplift and build character in women. There are all kinds of different programs within the summit as well as fun things too! Such as concerts, shopping day, and even a fashion show!! So yes I'm loving this all around!!

I encourage all women who are trying to get into the professional world to check this out. I'm not going to lie it is expensive as there are fees to pay. They do have group discounts and ways that people can sponsor you as well. I hope that some women will check it out! I will def be doing a follow up post with pics as soon as I return home. I know it's a few months away, but it will be here before I know it. Time to get my info together so I can be on my A game!!!

Side Note: The woman above is Debra Lee. She is the current CEO and Chairwomen of BET. She does her thing and I love her!! Def a role model & inspiration!!


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thats cool u went, Black enterprise is a great company, my uncle is the photo editor for the mag so he prob took pics of the event, I'll be sure to ask to see those