Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What A Long Day!!!!!!!!

So the last few days have been sooooooo crazy!!! I had a pretty decent xmas even though it was the first one since my mom, grandfather, and uncle passed. It definitely wasn't the same without them around the dinner table, but we still made it happen and had a blessed holiday.

So I've been back to work and we have been sooo busy!!! Its to be expected because i do work in the medical field and tis the season to be sick with everything you can think of!!lol We are averaging about 70 to 120 patients per day!!!!(crazy right???) its cool though, because id rather be busy then to just be sitting there bored as all hell!!!( yea ya heard me right, i have to be doin something!!)

Work has been a little trying lately due to internal conflict among the employees, and today it just reached an all time high!! I always say never mix business with pleasure and always know when to talk about work matters at work and personal matter at home!!!

I know that every where you go there are cliques, that's a given. but my thing is when upper management try to be more of a friend then a manager. See when managers do this some don't know how to draw a fine line between the 2. I myself am a manager at my place of employment and can definitely separate the two!!! The other manager does not.

I love her to death but she can not ride that fine line. I don't think its fair to show favoritism, especially if its well known to the other employees, that's when the shit hits the fan!!!! I myself am cool with all my staff and doctors that i work with. Out of all 7 of our sites we run I have not a problem with anyone and if I did no one would ever know unless it needed to be known.

Everyone who knows me personally can honestly say that i have a huge heart and i am very kind and warm. I mean I can be an asshole when i need to be and fly off the handle, but it takes alot to get me there and when I do, ITS A FUCKIN RAP!!!!(excuse the lingo..lol) And at the same time i can be just as gentle and cry at the drop of the hat if you yell at me or hurt my feelings.

I love my staff very much and they are a great bunch to work with, but they need to know when to separate work from personal life. And the other managers need to know how to separate being just that a MANAGER and then being just a FRIEND. Sorry for he work rambles, but I just needed to vent some more after venting to my best friend (thanks bighead...i 'appreciate it!!).

I also had this post in regards to every day life and friends that you may or may not work with. Alot of times we take people for granted. No matter if we mean to or not, and Ive been seeing that alot lately. Hell, I may even been a victim myself? I'm not perfect and I know no one else is, but when you have a good person in your life that you know would do anything in the world for you times 10!?!?!? You need to really cherish, honor, and acknowledge that because people like that are hard as hell to find these days!!

This last year has taught me alot about people around me and that are a part of my inner circle. Some people truly don't realize what they have until its gone.(I've definitely experienced that this year). So to all those who I may have taken advantage of or neglected our friendship/relationship, from the bottom of my heart and soul....I truly do apologize and I pray every night that you forgive me and that i don't make the same mistake again with you or anyone else. And to all those who have or will do it to me...I have forgave you and will forgive you because I refuse to enter 2009 and live through 2009 with stress and troubles.

To all those out there who have great people in your lives that are down for you no matter if its work, school, relationship, money, health, business, moving, or what ever else, hold on to them and give the same in return. This is a very hard, cruel, 2 faced world and you need at least one person who will always be there!!! If you have more than one person then you are def blessed!!!!

Have a great night all!!!! Smooches!!!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Oh mama, I am in charge of a staff too. Sometimes my huge heart just gets in the way. When I see one of my staff members cry--I become more of a friend. When they piss me off--Im the boss! I have to quit that two sided ish.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. But you know they were with you at the dinner table. Or so I like to eblieve.

I realized in 2009, I am not gonna take ANYONE for granted...not even you guys on blogspot. Thank you for advice Ran. You dont know how much I truly appreciate someone just being there. YOu made me smile so many nights that I was crying...

You have to know youre amazing.

Happy New year mama!

Ran said...

Awww how sweet are you?!?! Im glad that I just wasnt venting and just puttin thoughts out there that didn't mean anything.

I truly appreciate everyone who visits my blog, not matter if they leave comments or not. I also love to visit other peoples blog because there has been times that theirs has helped me in some kind of way.

I truly do appreciate your kinds words and trust me there has been times where i have read some of your posts and they have helped me as well. And then there are times where i see some where you are so hard on yourself for no reason??(at least none i can see)

You seem like such a intelligent, funny, big hearted, trustworthy,down to earth woman. You are beautiful chica and if your inside matches the outside you will def be blessed for life!!

My well wishes and blessings for you to have a tremendous, happy, and successful 2009!!!

When ever ya wanna chat Im here!! Hugs & Kisses Momma!!!