Monday, December 8, 2008

Start A Journal

Saying your intentions out loud an writing them down on paper confirms things and makes them happen.

It's a way of stating your intention to the universe. Keeping a journal that only you have access to is a very healthy way of downloading your hopes, dreams, and wishes and giving them concrete form.

I am very big about writing things down and keeping lists and planners too!! I have always felt that its a way to keep things in order and to also check of goals, aspirations, plans, etc as I complete them.

Call me anal or a woman with a slight case of ocd, but I do not care cuz it does work!!!lol I actually came by a list I had from the 4th grade!!lol I had 10 goals I wanted to accomplish in life and so far I have about.....oh 5 or 6 left. I'm still young, no kids, no husband, nothing to tie me down so I better get working!!!;o)

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Kofi Bofah said...

I kept a journal briefly as a kid.

I think I wrote in it for 3 days or so, got bored, and let it go.

I keep things in my head - and am constantly writing so maybe that is enough for me...