Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Angel Lola Luv..........Rapping????

I had heard she started rapping, but I wasn't sure??? But now,I am!!! I've seen the video myself, and now you can too!!!lolol So what do ya'll think??? Should Lil Kim, Trina, and other female rappers start to watch their backs or not???? I'm very interested to see where this goes????


Anonymous said...

Girl she be looking NASTY! What a waste of pretty face too! :(

Bella said...

dammit man. i have no sound at work so i can't tell if she actually has any vocal skills or not.

i hate this place more n more every day lol

Anonymous said...

Ummmmm was this the video to the song??? If so, can we say " Low Budget??"

If she a "Boss Bitch" then she need to get a better video or just sit the hell down and stick to showing her ass!!!

Miss.Fortune said...

where nikki minaj

Mimi said...

lol lyrically she's not up there
but i respect her hussle much!

Sasha said...

well, I have been paying attention to her since the media has been putting out her new venture and I must say she has made me a believer. She has been serious about this whole rapping thing! I've seen a few video's of her in the studio and I am now anticipating her mixtape!!