Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First U.S. Face Transplant To Be Made Public

Isabelle Dinoire underwent the first partial face transplant; shortly after her surgery (left) and 10 months later (right).

The Cleveland Clinic will announce Wednesday the successful completion of a near-total face transplant surgery, a clinic spokeswoman told CNN on Tuesday.

In the surgery -- which was conducted two weeks ago by a team of eight surgeons at the Cleveland, Ohio, hospital -- 80 percent of the trauma patient's face was transplanted, the spokeswoman said. The forehead and chin were left intact.

The surgery was the first such operation done in the United States. In 2005, French doctors performed the world's first partial face transplant on a 38-year-old woman who was disfigured when she was attacked by a dog.

"I hope the successful operation will help other people like me to live again," said Isabelle Dinoire, the French woman who received a nose, lips and chin.

Wow!!! How crazy is that??? And to think they did this in my home state??? Crazy right???


JuiicyKisz said...

i think that's pretty amazing. she looks pretty good, yanno. glad everything went well!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Amazing work...Glad it worked out great. Trips me out on how far medicine has advanced

Kofi Bofah said...


Just sliding through blog world.

What up, Ohio!

nikki said...

yo, so long as the transplant ain't from an ugly person. i'm sayin...there should be standards.

Yas said...

That is really remarkable. I'm so glad that it perhaps has helped her regain any lost confidence. Medicine is truly amazing these days!

Kofi Bofah said...

Cols, Ohio?


Columbus has a lot more going on than people realize. I know that I slept on the place. But I was impressed beginning from that one time I took I-70 through Central Ohio to avoid the tolled monotony of the Shocknessy Turnpike.

Keith said...

That's incredible...I thought that that was the stuff of science fiction...wow...science is something. I know a few andidates that should be standing in line behind her..lolololol...just kidding.

deonte' k said...

Wow!!! they did a good job though. She looks wayyy better!