Thursday, December 18, 2008

Preview: Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea Goes To Jail’

Madea is back ladies and gents. Tyler Perry’s pistol-packing, ‘hallelujuering’ grandma has got herself in some trouble with the ‘Po-Po’ (sans Diary of A Mad Black Woman).

Watch the trailer for the sure to be hilarious film below.

OMG!!! I still remember the 1st time I ever went to a Tyler Perry play!!! It was off the chain!!! Me my sister Leslie, her Friend and I drove to Detroit be cause we know the make-up artist who did the makeup for all his plays. We were site seeing and ended up being a little late to the show. Yea yea, we was on CP time as my mom would say!!lol But some people were sitting in our seats!! We were 3rd row center and the ushers were trying to straighten it out but obviously was taking too long?

So Tyler As " Madea " said, " Hold up hold up!!! We need to pause so that the people who are running a lil late can sit down!!" Now mind you there was other people who was getting seated too so we didn't pay any attention at 1st. So then in Madea's voice he started to go off again!!lol " Can y'all please sat the hell down so we can get on with the show??" I started looking around and he then said, " Yes you with the long curly hair & the red leather jacket!! I'm talking to you!!! Sat the hell down!!" I was sooo embarrassed and my best friend just laughed right along with the crowd!!!

The cast then continued on with the show like nothing ever happened!!! Afterwards he apologized if he put me on the spot at the end of the show and said it was all out of love. He was speaking to all the late arrivals, but I stood out the most cause I was closer!!lol I love Tyler Perry!!! He is such and inspiration and a real live example of the American Dream. Literally went from nothing to something!! And he is def putting other aspiring actors, writers, singers, etc. on the map as well.

Cudos to Tyler and all he does for the community!! Cant wait for the movie to come out!!!


Jervis said...

yeh man,thats whats up,thats what black people should do an inspiration

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! This is gonna be funny as hell!! I cant wait to check it out!

Miss.Stefanie said...

I just love Tyler Perry

lACREASE said...

Great blog entry gurl. Im from Detroit and I LOVE ME SOME TYLER PERRY!!