Monday, December 1, 2008


Get Your D-Cuts Here!

Thank you for your interest in D-Cut Jeans by Deelishis. It is with great honor that I present to you the jean line of the century. Guaranteed to leave you breathless, D-Cut jeans are designed to fit any and every curve. "No belts necessary" is our motto. Finally a pair of pants that looks precise as paint, but feels as comfortable as brush cotton. Deelishis along with the King of women designer jeans, Moci, have sat for months to create the masterpiece in jean fit. They call it "Jeanology", and they have the degrees to prove it. So see for yourself. Do something Deelishis, do you in D-Cuts.

I figured someone would ask about the D-Cut jeans so, here is a little info on them. Also, ladies they currently run in sizes of 6 to 16!!! I also heard that she is working on expading the line above a size 16 as well as other clothing items. For more info, store locations, or to order online, just go to


Jervis said...


Ms Nik said...

definitely will be a fan of this line of clothing!!

ill;kinda said...

man.. I will never... ever be able to fit those .
im a freakin toothpic