Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mariah Starring In A New Movie???

I'm not excited about this because the last few films she did was not good to say the least. But maybe with her new found happiness(lol), she may be able to do something??? Here's the preview to the movie " Tennessee ".


Miss.Stefanie said...

Looks like another Glitter...The only MAriah movie I loved was Wisegirls

BFloyd86 said...

Janet Jackson was originally supposed to play Mariah's part in this movie...and it's gonna kill me to say this, but I think Mimi is gonna do a better job.

I lowkey think Mariah is a good actress, she just pops up in terrible films. Janet on the other hand is in the best movies, and can only sort of act..a little bit.

I think in both cases, you go to the movies, and you're like, Oh that's Janet, or oh that's Mariah, and you don't really see them as the characters b/c you're so used to their superstar status.

Those cornrows? No ma'm

Anonymous said...

I am not wasting no more money on Mariah until she gets her shit on pint!!!

This is "Glitter" part 2 and pure foolery and ....yup...fuckery!!!:(

But I love you, Ran....

"...Let's have a very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Give with love and joy and happiness
And lots of good cheer..."

Merry Christmas from Reggie: The fuckery king!!!:)