Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Flashback Video!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was cleaning my house listening to some music and this song came on!!! Talk about a jam from back in the day!!! Me and my homegirl Les use to always laugh at this video because we knew so many chicks who would act like this!!!lolol Too funny, but the truth! Hell I still see chicks running around here now acting like this!? This was in 98 and its about to be 2009!?!??! Step yo game up and grow the hell up!!!!

So what memories does this video bring back to you??? drop me a comment and let me know!!

Side Note: If you look very closly, you can see a young 50 in the video!!! I never noticed that til today!?!?!? He's playin the other man's homie in the club.


Miss.Fortune said...

heeey..i love this!
and look at vida!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Old school!!

BFloyd86 said...

This is one of those songs you forget ALL about, then you hear it, and you're like "that used to be my jam!"

For some reason I never realized that was D'Angelo.

Jervis said...

yeh i almost forgot about this joint too, good freakin post

Countdown To Change... said...

Girl I think this will forever be a hood chics anthem! yes they do need to step their game up something serious! lol! and yes, i remember being in 8th grade when this song came out and being like, "Damn D'angelo and them lips, mmmmmmmmm" LOL!