Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This Friendship Should Be Laid To Rest

I saw this poem and it reminded me of alot of people who are having friend problems. I myself have noticed alot of fake people around my neck of the woods and its really funny honestly. But I always say " Out with the old, In with the new". And in 2009 there will be alot of old baggage thrown away, left behind, and forgotten!!! I only see stars in my future and they are as bright as can be........so who ever shinin wit me see ya at the top. Whoever trying to block my shine, must be left behind!!!!!! Sorry 4 ya!!!! hahah........NOT!!!!!!

What else could you do that would hurt me
How else could you cause me pain
How much longer will you go untrusting
And when will you leave me again
How many times will you tell me you love me
How often you'll say that you care
When again will you be unforgiving
When I reach for you no body be there
How many times will you tell me you're sorry
How often on me will you cry
And how I will always come running
For a while after Ill be left asking why
How many more tears can you take from me
How many more apologies can I make
Will there come a time for me
When I accept all was a mistake
How often will you come back to me
How many times will I fall
Before I admit how you're treating me
And for once over you stand tall
What else could you do to kick me down
How else could you make me sad
How much longer can you pretend
That this friendship hasn't gone bad
How many more times will you speak ill of me
Yet reach out for me when in pain
How much more can I take from you
And will you always be the same
When will you hear me calling you
When will you see all Ive done
When will you see how you troubled me
That this friendships had its run
When will you smile because I am smiling
Or are you saddened by my success
Maybe if these things are true my friend
This friendship should be laid to rest


Miss.Stefanie said...

This is a great poem. Friends should bring happiness and positivity...

CurvyGurl said...

Whew, this so speaks to a friendship I have no choice but lay to rest. Couldn't have said it better.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I'm digging this, Ran!!!:)

Yas said...

OMG there is so much truth to this poem. Anything hurtful is no grounds whatsoever for friendship. Sending you wishes for positivity and great friendships in 2009!

Ran said...

@ Miss Stephanie: Thanks! And yes a real true friend should bring all those great qualities and more!!

@ CurvyGurl: Yea it will jump right out at you if you know a friendship or more that needs to be laid to rest!!lol Good luck wit your burial;o)

@ Reggie: Thanks babes!! Im diggin your new " Circus" posts!! I will def cop all writings by you as soon as ya publish them!!! Why you making your public wait on all your fuckery?!?!?!?lol Loves ya!!

@ Yas: thaks momma!! Yes In wit the new and Out wit the old!! Nothing but miracles and blessings in 2009!!

Ms. Fab said...

"Whoever trying to block my shine, must be left behind!!!!!!" I like that! lol Happy New Year!

Ran said...

@ Ms.Fab: Im glad you like my motto for 2009!! If you're not with me than your against me!!!lol

Have a blessed and happy new year!!!


Anonymous said...

DAMN!!!! Good shit!!! This is so so true!! I have a few that need to be buried as well....lol

ZION`OLOGY said...

this is so true that`s why i decided to cut those fakeass bitchies out of my life...n it feels good n freeing...ppl u call ur friend should there 4 u through the good n bad times...not 4 the fun of it:)