Monday, December 1, 2008

Ladies....Shake Ya Derriere In Ya Dereon!!!

Just browsing and doing a little online shopping;o) Here's just a few things I like from Mrs. Carter. I must say that I absolutely love her jeans. I'm working out to get into better shape an drop some pounds, one thing that I will not lose for sure are my curves!!!lol Even when I was smaller, I always had hips and a butt ( Or a donkey as someone would say???lol). The only jeans that I really love cause they fit my curves soooo well are Dereon, Babyphat(of course), Applebottms, JLO, and D-Cut Jeans.

She always has some hot stuff on her website!! I can't wait to see the line of formal dresses that her and her mother is coming out with?? I'm quite sure they will be just as hot as what they have already put out.


JuJu said...

oooo some of those pieces are a MUST HAVE :)

Anonymous said...

hot shit miss lady