Thursday, December 4, 2008

Frederick's of Hollywood

This is just a little something from one of the top lingerie companies in the world, Frederick's Of Hollywood. It's funny me and my cousin was just talking about going to Frederick's soon. Both of us has never been to one and then I get an email for a catalog for them??? How weird is that?! We are still planning on making that road trip because there is not one located in the city we live in, but there is one close by.

Ladies if you ever want to really do something sexy for ya man and treat him to a great night or fellas if you wanna get your girl something sexy so she can make it a great night, I strongly suggest you check out the website, They have a lot of different stuff, from bras & underwear, to corsets & party dresses. They even have great sexy Halloween costumes as well as themed Holiday costumes. Christmas is around the corner and I don't know any man who wouldn't want there special lady wrapped up in something festive and sexy....?( even if it wouldn't be on long;o)


Anonymous said...

I used to love these catalogs when i was like 12....they would actually show nipples..lmaoo

Seedasneakers said...

This posting is the truth....Gotta share this with the

Ran said...

hahaha!! glad ya'll liked it. im sure the wifey would be willin to do something special for ya;o)