Friday, January 2, 2009

My 2009 Has Kicked Off With A Bang!!!

Hello blogworld!!! I hope all had a wonderful, safe, fun New Year? I know some partied long and hard, some went to church, and some may have just stayed at the crib and chilled.

I myself went to a friends party and had a blast!!!! It was almost like havin a high school reunion, cuz EVERYBODY in there was people I went to school with and hadn't seen for awhile. So it was great to catch up and bring in a new year.

It was a very casual down to earth cool mellow crowd. Everyone was def getting their grown and sexy swag on!!lol The music was bumping, drinks was flowin, laughter, dancing, picture taking, and food!!! OMG!!! The food was great!!! Bbq ribs, meatballs, greens, mac & cheese, green beans, the works!!! And it was all free!!!!

Then the countdown began!!! Everyone had their hats, lights, noise makers as we watched the ball drop to bring in a new year!!! Now throughout the night the dj kept asking people their resolutions and goals for 2009. He said whatever the majority was he would play a song representing the most voted one.

So after hitting one and everyone screaming, hugging, crying, just bein overwhelmed with the start of a new year, the dj says" Okay we have a tie for the most common resolution/goal for the new year! Here's the 1st joint." Everyone stops and waits.......then blastin out the speaker came........." I get money...I I get money..." so you know it went bananas!!!!lol then we were jammin to that and the dj says," okay here's the other song...this ones is strictly 4 the ladies!" Then of course the ladies anthem came blarin out..." All my single ladies...all my single ladies!!"

Needless to say it went down!!!! So much fun, no drama, no stress, no fights, just love, respect, happiness, and the eagerness of a great new year!!

I'm very much looking forward to this new year. There are a lot of great things that will be goin on in my life and those around me. Like today is my dads last day of work after 43 years at the post office and serving 8 years in the army. I give my papi mad props for working as hard as he does. Becasue of him, I've learned the value of hard work. I've been working since I was 12, by choice, so I def know what work is. And I def am honored to have had that example in my life.

I also have a lot of personal projects that I'm working as mentioned in an earlier blog about some charities and organizations I want to startup. I have always had these plans in my heart and mind, but must admit I had kind of put them on the backburner. But that's all over time to get it poppin as my bestfriend would say( I see ya Mr.Jwork). Looking at how far his company has come has inspired me more than ever!! Which reminds me, they just launched their hot website and yall need to check it out!! They are the best newest clothing line in the midwest in my opinion!! You wanna be fresh to death check them out at They got some hot ish so be on the lookout cuz Jwork is on the rise!!!

I just feel so energized and excited about this year!! I can only imagine what God has planned for me?? I have let go of so much pain, anger, stress, fears, and friends. No negativity in 2009. Only happiness and success for me! And if ya can't bring that to the table then ya need to excuse yaself!!

I've started off to a great year! I've lost the weight I wanted(yea baby!!) goal was 15-20 pds and I lost 23!! I said I wasn't bringing bad friendships into 09 so I'm proud to say that I'm 2 people lighter!! Yea had to lay those friendships to rest. And believe me there were NO tears at that funeral!!lol I know I have more services to attend, what about yall???lol

My next big goal is to finally get situated for this move I'm going to be making. I have until march 1st to make up my mind what I'm going to do? I know I'm leaving for sure beacuse I need to be away from all the stress, hurt, and drama that was around me in 2008. I need to surround myself with positive, fun, loving, intelligent, funny, goal oriented, supportive people. I need people around me that will shine with me & not block my shine!! I told ya if ya blockin, you will get left behind!!! You're either with me or against me!!

So my moving choice was Orlando, FL, but because of my profession I can pretty much go anywhere. And I have been receiving offers from all over the place!!!lol So I ask to my friends here in blogworld.......Where should I go?? Tell me somethings about where yall live or where your from?? I must admit I am a very very warm/hot climate type of person, but I'm pretty much open to anywhere.

Well that's enough of that!!!lol Stop by and let me know what yall did for new years, what's your resolutions/goals for 2009, are yall puttin any friendships to rest? What was the deciding factor for you living where you live, or staying where you were born??

Hope to hear from yall soon!!! Have a great weekend!!! Smooches


Miss.Stefanie said...

Sounds like you had so much fun!

Nellz said...

wow party ladi!! nice for some reason just by reading your blog i can tell how happy you were.. and for ur pops thats good now he can relax and u been working since 12..wowzers..hehe well ummm this blog is perfect but its missing the pics!!!

Scorned Woman said...

Happy new year!

Congrats to your dad. He really put in some time.

I went to a party similar to the one you went to. Good fun, good people, good drinks, good music, a lot of fun, and no drama. It was a great way to bring in the new year.

If you're a warm weather person, i'm sure you wouldn't want to live where i'm from. It's 30 degrees today.

Anonymous said...

awwww man! glad you have a good time!

Gia Shakur said...

I don't do the school friend functions to much goings on. But your affair sounded great. I prefer popping house parties to clubs. It's just more personal, warm and fam-like. But my New Year's wasn't bad.
I did a dirty song that my ex boyfriend was supposed to be on. Slipped on sum couture and shook my ass at my pops house then crashed into my floor and woke up the next night. Fucking CAPITAL!!!! Happy k9

Anonymous said...

Go 'head, miss Ran!!!!:)

Miss.Fortune said...

congrats on ur accomplishments..cheers to the new year!
im just as excited and energized as u are..all ive been doing is smiling and trying to stay positive..
its gonna be a beautiful year.

jtbrown said...

Sounds like you did bring it in right. As far as moving...the best think I ever did was move to Texas! The jobs are so crazy out here, the housing market is great and I just love it. The weather changes a lot, but I don't mind. I live in the DFW area! You should check it out.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you also! Congrats to your dad for retiring from the Post Office! BOTH of my parents retired from that joint already (that's where they met...go figure lol)


abw711 said...

Since nobody except one person answered your question as to where you should move. I have always been fond of Virginia. Its not too hot or too cold there. You are close to NY, Philly, DC, and Virginia Beach. My brother moved there and he loves it. I was born there so thats the reason why I have a weak spot for VA. Glad to hear that you had a good time on New Years. I just stayed at the crib and reflected on things. Take care!

Yas said...

You have got some amazing goals and a great outlook for the new year...its very inspiring! And congrats too on making the progress you have! ;)

Ran said...

Thanks everybody!!! I did have an amazing time!! And I didnt forget the pics, me & my cuz are trying to find the camera???lol

And I hope that everyone reaches and exceeds their goals and dreams that you all have set for yourselves!!!

Hugs & Kisses to you all

Oh Yea! And thanks to all those who gave me input bout moving too;o)