Friday, January 23, 2009

House of Dereon & Dereon Shoot

Beyonce is definitely making a brand out of herself, and I'm not mad about it at all! My best friend always tells me, " If you gonna do it, then do it big!!" And he knows what he's talking about because he is a CEO of his own company. And Beyonce does it big!! I mean if you look at some of the greatest business men and women they have a brand not just a business they dabble in a little bit of everything. And it may not necessarily be in front of the camera all the time either, but they are def doing big things.

if you don't believe me, google these names:

Robert "Bob" Johnson
Russell Simmons
Tyra Banks
Kimora Lee Simmons
Debra L. Lee
Lebron James
Jennifer Lopez
Hill Harper
Shawn "Jay Z" Carter
Tyler Perry

And the list truly does go on! Some of these names are familiar and some of them are not. But even to the ones that are familiar they are doing a whole lot more than just what you see or hear on the news.


Anonymous said...

Yea sis i know you been on your business grind!! Im lovin that blue dress, it was my fav too!

see ya at work 2morrow!!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Im loving this mamas!

Oh and dont and me will be sipping margaritas by the pool! :)

Yas said...

This is true babe. Thank you for your inspiring post. Its so amazing what all of them have done! Have a wonderful weekend!

Kofi Bofah said...

Bob Johnson is a good businessman - but a lot of people feel that he could do a lot more.

He is all about the cash.

Just check out how the Bobcats are run.

The man spends no money.

Compare that franchise to Mark Cuban and the Mavericks.

Bob sold B.E.T. to Viacom and exited stage right.

moses said...

All that you have said is true, mind blowing and I believe.

Nice post!!!

MilesPerHour said...

Gonna send this to my GF who started her own "business" as a fiction writer a couple months ago. The going is slow for her but I continue to support her in any way I can. Check her out! You can find her link by visiting my blog and clicking on her logo.

I know this may seem like a plug, but I appreciate if you check her out. As you say, Gotta make her stuff into a "brand" and "do it big"!

Anonymous said...

She looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!