Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monif C

(New York, NY) - Monif C. , is an unapologetic stand for high fashion style for plus size women. Designed by mother/daughter team, Monif Clarke and Elaine Clarke, Monif C. was conceived to reaffirm every woman's desire for an inspired life, luxury, and unadulterated sex appeal.

A love of color, prints, and vintage details has been a part of Monif's life from childhood. A child of Barbadian immigrants, Monif spent many summers enjoying the sweet life in Barbados. While there, she was awed by her grandmother's love of color (red is her favorite!) and she was transported to a time when women dressed up for every occasion recognizing that taking pride in their appearance is one of the best things they could do for themselves.

Today as a plus size woman, Monif understands the need for a new perspective in the plus size market. "It took me many years to appreciate my curves and recognize them as a plus and NOT a minus. I know that there are women like me who recognize that we get dressed everyday in the hopes of reflecting creatively what we bring to the world. I was tired of buying the standard uniform that every woman has, I needed luxurious feminine clothes that make a statement...Who says plus size can't be sexy, luxurious, and feminine??"

A trip to Europe in 2004 and frustration with the plus size market prompted Monif to start designing her own line. Monif doesn't follow trends when she designs, but rather she makes what she wants to wear. Monif loves curvy figures and therefore she makes clothes to accentuate curves, not cover them up. Her designs are heavily inspired by her love of the Caribbean, the glamour of New York City nightlife, and European style. Versatility is also a key design element. Monif C. pieces work well for day and night...dressed up or down. Also, the young and the young at heart both enjoy Monif C . pieces. Some women will wear the Monif C . line as item pieces, coordinating them with jeans, capris, and short jackets for a more casual look. Other women may decide to wear the entire collection. Fabrics, trims, and treatments are carefully selected to bring integrity to each piece. In fact, every piece offered in the collection is something Monif herself would wear, perhaps on a date, out with her girlfriends, or on vacation in Barbados. The Monif C . collection is quintessentially the wardrobe for the young, contemporary, sexy plus size woman.

Monif C . offers a fresh and unique interpretation of well-priced style for plus size women. Monif C. is fabulous fun in luxurious fabrics, delicate trims, and details often developed from original artwork. When you wear Monif C., you reclaim your femininity and your strong sense of self.


Anonymous said...

I like how you repped for the big girls too...The red dress is fierce!!


Miss.Stefanie said...

I love this mamas!!

Ran said...

@Steph: Aww I had to rep for the more curvier women! Shoot I got them too!!lol Her line is really nice.

Miss.Fortune said...

oh wow i absolutely love this

Yas said...

These are gorgeous designs. Its about time that there are hot sexy pieces for everyone. Thanks babes!