Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lauren Conrad Collection

Lauren Conrad is proud to announce her first collection, perfect for every occasion. Turning her dreams of becoming a fashion designer into a reality, Lauren Conrad Collection reflects Lauren's upbringing in Southern California, embracing the laid-back lifestyle with dresses, tops and silhouettes that feature novelty detailing, playful accents and clean lines and shapes. All of Lauren's looks can easily be transformed from day into night, without skipping a beat. This Fall, Lauren Conrad Collection will offer timeless pieces that are sophisticated and chic, to bring out the California girl in you!

I never really paid any attention to Lauren's line except for the one time she was on the Tyra show. I admit i do watch "The Hills" from time to time, but I'm not a die hard fan about it. I do watch it enough to know that Heidi is the dumbest person in the world to lose a friendship of years for a jackass for life!!! But after looking at her site I did find somethings that i actually like for myself.

So tell me what you think about her line?


Miss.Stefanie said...

Skinny people clothes...ughh

Ran said...

Aww Steph!! Not all of it!! Im not that small of a girl by any means!! Why do you think most are of flowy dresses??lolol

If I can rock them so can you momma! Your just as beautiful as the girls modeling them, only better cuz you have sexy curves like me!!!lol