Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Striptease Aerobics: Sex Up Your Workout

Looking for a new and exciting workout? Feeling like indulging in a little risque behavior that will help you get fit and boost your confidence? Then stripaerobics is exactly what your body needs. Striptease workouts have been around for quite some time and they're wildly popular because they help you move with more confidence. A majority of the workouts available on DVD use a combination of strength, flexiblity, and dance moves that make the workout incredibly balanced.

The series of sexy moves tone and tighten areas of your body that are often neglected by other workout programs and the constant movement (standing to squating to kneeling to pushups to deadlifts) is great for increasing endurance and flexibility. The DVDs are as diverse as the instructors so you can find tame and fun as well as wild and sexy. Just check out the guide below to find the workout that is ideal for you.

Hot:Carmen Electra Aerobics Striptease
This is about as hot as they come. Carmen, takes you through a warm-up and a series of hot moves that include deep squats, hip rolls, and floorwork that is very true to real life stripping (don't ask me how I know that...). There is some flirty spanking and finger biting and the dance moves are incredibly sexy. If you are a bit more reserved you may want to check out some of the other choices. If you're ready to get crazy just be sure to take it easy with the head flips or your neck will get incredibly sore. You may also want to start with her Fit to Strip DVD which is a workout that gets you fit for her Strip Aerobics workout. Her other workouts include: Lap Dance, Hip Hop, and Advanced Striptease.

Fun:Urban Striptease Aerobics
Tricia Murphy has been teaching strip aerobics to packed classes at Seattle's Urban Fitness since 2001. She is a group fitness instructor with a formal dance background and her striptease workout is incredibly fun. You'll go through a strip inspired warm-up then proceed through mini circuits that when put together form a fun and flirty routine. Everyone in the video is very real and down to earth which provides for a great learning environment. There are some sections of the video that may be too tough like the Judo pushup and others that are too easy but Tricia encourages you to take it at your own pace and with your own style so you can definitely make it as difficult or easy as you like.
Sensual:The S Factor : Strip Workouts for Every Woman
Want less working out and more sensuality in your life. This book received rave reviews from Allure, Entertainment Tonight, and Us Magazine. It focuses more on sensuality and features slow, warm-ups, spine circles and hip circles plus strenuous motions, like the rocking cat-cow, peel and rolls, grinds, pounces, arches. There is also pole work, that Barbara Walters tried on The View, so you know you can do this too.

Okay so Ive been thinking about other fun ways to keep myself in shape and to change up my exercise routine to keep my body guessing right? Well after hearing so much about it, seeing it everywhere, and my kickboxing instructor begging me to come to the class because she thinks i would really like it. I have decided to go ahead and try out the striptease aerobics class. Now from the people i know personally who has done it love it and has moved on to the pole dancing classes!!! They say that it does take alot of discipline and that it does shape,tone, and mold your muscles.

So the next time they have the class, ya girl will be hitting it up!!lol If I like it alot then i will be buying the complete Carmen Electra Striptease dvd set.lol I heard she is the bomb at it!! And if she can mess with Prince and be married to Rodman, I'm quite sure she got some moves for that a@%!!!lol


Yas said...

I will confess to owning these and I love them. Carmen is the shit!!;)

Anonymous said...

Let me use my food stamps to put this on layaway!!!:)

deeteezy said...

lol,I need to cop this ASAP

Miss.Stefanie said...

My blog inspired this blog eh? ;)

Kofi Bofah said...

Your kickboxing instructor is female.

Would you have felt differently about it if you had a male trainer and he advised you towards strip aerobics?

I am just wondering. Sometimes I kick it with the trainers at the gym and they tell me that they are always worried about their female clients getting the wrong idea and how that can lead to sabotaging their business.

BFloyd86 said...

Don't ask questions...just trust me when I say, this is a SERIOUS workout.

Haha..again, no questions.

Ran said...

@ Kofi Bofah: Yes she's female and my bootcamp instructor is male. But no, it wouldnt have bothered me because i feel a great workout is a great workout. Now if I felt he was being disrespectuful about it, that would be a different story.

@ BFloyd: ????????? lol NONE ASKED!

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