Saturday, February 28, 2009

3rd 16 Hour Work Day

Ok I am feeling the tired worn out body just hurt so bad blues! I'm not complaining because I love what I do and to me if you have a very active job and you don't go home worn the hell out then you wasn't working hard enough!lo Call me crazy but I come from a family of hardworkers and grinders! So its always go hard or go home! I'm just trying to keep in touch with my blogger fam. I hope everyone is well and good? I haven't been by to visit you all in awhile but I will be checking in on everyone the next few days to catch up on posts and comments. To those I have checked in on I hope my Stef is feeling better! My JuJu B is being the strong beautiful woman she is. C Jervis hasn't gone bananas in school!lol Bfloyd I miss u and I'm glad your comin home soon! Mr Jwork you always keep me going and I'm still waiting on my shirts too sucka!lol Ms.Fortune you are just a sweetie and I love ya to bits!! Everyone else ill have updates and comments soon! Smooches!


Miss.Stefanie said...

I feel better than I did 2 days ago! Aww 16 hours :(

I hope you get a mad vacation after this!

Love you!

Reggie said...

No shout out?!? Ran? I am mad now.....(Still loves you!)

abw711 said...

Damn, I see you on that daily grind. I been working 6 days a week to save money and put more money torwards JWORK. Its been tough though but you gotta be tough in this economy.