Saturday, February 7, 2009


So today after having a long sick body hurtin day yesterday, I woke up today at about 615am and my Sat was started.
I went to a meeting for my church then left there to run some errands and visit some family. After doin all of that I then went back to my house, showered, packed a bag and headed to Athens, OH.
My favorite male cousin is a senior at Ohio University and a few weeks ago invited me down for sibs & fam weekend along with a concert that was being held as well. So of course I wasn't gonna leave him hangin!! So I said yes!lol
I came down about 445pm and its sooo nice on the campus and the weather is gorgeous today!!! Upon walking around the campus it made me have flashbacks from when I was in college!! Wow!! Ill have to tell you about those adventures later!!!hehehe(sneaky laugh)
But right now Chip the Ripper is on stage and its ok, but not my cup of tea if you will. Maybe cuz I'm alittle older idk?? But I suppose he's doin his thing. The main event of the show is the sexy and talented badboys themselves Day26 and the sultry beautiful talented Brandy!!!
Yes she is in the building and waiting to see about a meet and greet now!!! Please stay tuned as further developments take

Side Note: excuse the spelling its dark and I'm on my phone!!!lol


Miss.Stefanie said...

Day 26 and Brandy? Say what!! Enjoy youre trip mamas!

Reggie said...

Enjoy Ran......And think of me!!!!!

jtbrown said...

Enjoy yourself. I don't care for Day 26 but I love Brandy! Have a good time.

Yas said...

OMG you were able to do that from your phone!? Pretty good hun! :) Sounds like a really nice day and that's sweet of you. Have a great rest of your weekend!