Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Complete And TOTAL Flashback

I was cleaning and going through some old music and came across my total cds!!! I use to love Total and was pissed when they broke up!! I posted some of my favorite songs and videos from them. My all time favorite is of course " Can't You See" with Biggie. I couldn't find a good complete video for it but the one I posted for it I love because it's live and Big is doing what he does best as Puff diddy bops around!!!lol Hope y'all enjoy and have a flashback or two from when Bad Boy was really on top!!!!

I believe my musical cohort Reggie will hopefully feel me on this? And I must apologize to my boo Reggie for not shouting him out on my last post!!! I am TRULY sorry and I hope you will forgive me?!?!? I was at work rushing and trying to hurry up and get back to saving lives!!!lol So this one is all for you!!! Loves ya babe!!!

Sidebar: Im still waiting on my NY Bestseller too from you!!!;o)


Anonymous said...

Ut oh!!! Total!!!

Miss.Stefanie said...


Anonymous said...


Ran, You know I love me some Total! I thought i was the only one mad as hell when they broke up !!!!!!!!!

I'm steady working on the book! You will get your free copy!