Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Loving Yourself

I've been away for awhile due to work and being under the weather:o( But I'm back and I'm at about 75%. So I will be checkin up on my blog fam and catch up on some posts and comments. I hope all is well!! Here's a little something to get the week going if you will......

Life should feel as you would feel waking up on a sunny day,

Feeling the warmth of the sun as the sunlight peers through the window shades.

It is a refreshing feeling,

A feeling of joy,

A feeling of peace.

The planet is blessed to have you in our world,

As a person, you are as beautiful as the pedals of a rose

The laughter of children’s voices,

When I look outside my bedroom window,

I see the beauty of the world that God has created and the window of opportunities it holds.

I need to feel good about myself

I need to have hope

I must succeed,

I must love myself

Moreover, accept who I am

I must be an inspiration to others,

As others were for me.


Yas said...

This is a great post filled with positivity. I was just talking to the lovely L about this and we can all share a little more positivity, happiness, encouragement and appreciation of the moment. Thanks sweety!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Awesome post mamas. Such positivity that is being spread! I love this post!

Ran said...

Aww Thanks ladies!! It's true! We all need to spred the positive energy and be more appreciative towards life.

MilesPerHour said...

I have had a couple not so fun days in a row, but I still made sure I smiled and asked everyone I met how THEY were. I would rather be a positive force than a negative one.