Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Name Is Lisa Price, and I Am Carol’s Daughter

My mom’s name was Carol and I named my company Carol’s Daughter because it all started with being my mother’s child and how she, my father, and my family made me who and what I am today.

Another constant from my childhood is my love for fragrance. I remember falling in love with the scent of roses in Nana’s yard, the smell of my mommy’s face cream on her cheeks, my daddy’s spicy cologne, and the most fragrant room in the house – the kitchen. Everything from the sweet smell of cinnamon and coconut to the warm scent of simmering curry emanated from everyone’s favorite space. It all happened in the kitchen.

In addition to the delicious recipes that Nana made for us to eat, she was also known for her wonderful hair pomade. Her secret recipe delivered great results, was a staple in our family and was also used by neighbors and friends. All of this history led me into my kitchen, many years later, to create. From the beginning, my creations started with a beautiful fragrance and the best ingredients, before evolving into product. Nana too was very particular about her ingredients. She only wanted the best for her family. I bring this same approach to Carol’s Daughter.

Being Carol’s daughter and Marguerite’s granddaughter meant that my life was filled with recipes. Marguerite, affectionately known as Nana, had a recipe for everything.
Hot lemonade for a sore throat, Orange Peel Tea for an upset stomach or warm ginger ale for digestion. These recipes remedies never took the place of traditional medicine but they were usually our family’s first course of action.
Goodness from goodness. Thank you for the opportunity to share my passion for beautiful, well-made products with you. I trust you will enjoy the recipes I have prepared: as always, brought to you in kindness and made with love. Peace and blessings.



Lisa's Hair Elixir
8 fl. oz.

Experience why Jada Pinkett Smith attributes her beautiful hair to this long time favorite. Sage and rosemary essential oils condition the hair and combat dry scalp while peppermint gives a refreshing tingle.

Essential oils of rosemary and peppermint promote circulation, strength and contain scalp-protecting antioxidants.
Performs double duty as a daily shine solution and a weekly hot oil treatment.

Hair Balm
4 fl. oz.

Nutrient rich soy oil and sweet almond oil add pop and shine to thick, coarse hair. Pair with Lisa's Hair Elixir to recreate Jada Pinkett-Smith's favorite hair care recipe.

Soy oil, a rich blend of protein, B vitamins and minerals that nourish.
Sweet Almond Oil is a natural nut oil, high in fatty acids and easily absorbed by the scalp.
Coconut oil.

#1 Skincare
Customer Favorite
2 oz.

At long last, our beloved Face Butter is back! This rich, tried-and-true formula boasts the perfect blend of natural ingredients: Calendula, Carrot Seed and Fennel essential oils fight the effects of aging and combat damage brought on by hot and cold weather conditions, while Shea and Cocoa Butters make skin spring back to life. Face Butter has been a staple in Lisa’s home for more than 16 years – make it one in yours, too!
Absolutely NO parabens, petroleum, mineral oil or artificial color.


Calendula Essential Oil soothes irritated skin
Carrot Seed Essential Oil nourishes the skin
Fennel Essential Oil fights against wrinkles
Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter moisturize and revitalize dry skin
Together, these butters and oils protect against extreme heat and cold weather conditions and guard against windburn

STEP 1) Gently cleanse your skin using Bring in the Moisture Gentle Face Wash
STEP 2) Tone and refresh your skin using Bring in the Moisture Gentle Face Toner

STEP 3) Treat your skin to the moisture replenishing oils of the Essential Serum for Normal-to-Dry Skin
STEP 4) Moisturize and protect your skin using Face Butter

Now I have heard about this company before and have even seen Jada Smith and Mary J Blige on Oprah and Tyra's talk shows discussing the beauty and quality of these products. Not only are they spokeswomen and models for the comapny they are also investors as well as actual users of the products.

I wasn't too sure about the products until I order some myself and fell in LOVE with them. My hair is much more conditioned, shiny, and softer than it use to be and the skin cream is just....I cant even find the right words to explain them!!lol What I do know is I am a fan of Carol's Daughter and for all those who haven't checked it out you should!


Miss.Stefanie said...

I wanna try carols daughter :(

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