Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hello all!! I'm just checkin in to see how all of my blogger fam is?? Sorry I haven't posted in awhile;o/ My computer is having a mind of its own and so is my phone. So I've decided its time to upgrade both!! My new phone should be here next week and this weekend I'm going to look into getting a laptop finally!!!lol

I've also been grinding it out at work and in school. Both have been very demanding, but all worth it in the end. Work has been very busy lately but it has been drama free the last week. And school is good, gettin A's and B's so I can live with that!!lol I will be glad when this qtr is over though, I'm not gonna lie!!

Ummm lets see what else?? I have also been trying to plan out my next two vacations. I wasn't able to make it down to Orlando due to certain circumstances. But I did take those days off to relax and just take time out for ME! I sooo needed it!! But I will be re-booking my trip to Orlando and the other trip is not quite decided?? I wanted to do it in April-May, but I'm thinking I may just wait til my B'Day weekend and hit up Cali??

I've also been getting ready for the big move I've been discussing as well. I'm in the process of job and housing searches. Right now I'm just kind of scamming through stuff, but I will be hittin them hard about this time next month. My goal is to be moved and settled before my birthday. So mid-end of June is the goal.

Well I don't have too much more to talk about. I didn't want to talk about the normal stuff I've been seeing already that's all out in the news....that's already over blogged and talked about. So I hope everyone is well and had a wonderful Valentine's Day!! Which reminds me....mine was cool & lo key. Just dinner then chillin wit my cuzzo 4 a girls night in!! I wish I could've gotten a card or some flowers tho!!lol Awww snap I did get flowers!!! Thanks Dominique!!! You're the best nephew in the world!!

So drop by and let me know how you all have been? I know I've been in touch with some of you through email and twitter. But I'd still like to know how everyone is? Ttyl!! Smooches


JOFre$h said...

Glad to see you back :-)

Ran said...

@ JoeFresh: Im glad to be back!!;o)