Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Almost About That Time......

For people to start going on Spring Break and just vacations in general. So since I'm such a huge summer person and I love the beaches and anything that has to do with water I've already been checking out a few bathing suits!!(Like I really need anymore??)

First up is Red Carter.....
As flamboyant as any of his stunning bikini designs, South Beach swimwear designer Red Carter is determined to make every woman who dons one of his suits feel sexy and confident.Red's a bit of a Renaissance man, who has taken his experiences in competitive swimming, high fashion, and entertainment, and channeled them into a very exciting line of swimwear fashions that express the true flavor of life in South Beach, Florida.

In fact, Red is as unique as any of his designs, so who wouldn't want to talk to a man who bills himself as the "Austin Powers of the bikini business"?

I was born in the OC, in Santa Ana California, and went to College in LA at Otis School of Art and Design. It was like going to school on project runway- intense, competitive and inspiring.

After I graduated, I worked for a host of Companies in LA, including Guess Jeans, Mossimo, Esprit and Oscar de la Renta. I always wanted to have my own collection, but I never knew what I wanted to do or say... and then a light came on.

Learn more about Red Carter and his collection at


Miss.Stefanie said...

I love , love, love the second to the last swimsuit!!

Reggie said...

CUTE!!!! If I was a girl...I'd rock them year round....:)

JuJu said...

ooo i like the pink one!

Princess Katrina said...

Those are really cute! I like them all!

Thank you for the compliment on my Vday post!

You are beautiful and I love the blog!!

Yas said...

You know I'm a bikini whore too girl! :P Amazing bathing suits...they are just stunning & sexy as hell! Love it!

Ran said...

@Steph: I love that one too!!

@Reggie: And you'd be fly as hell too boo!!

@JuJu: That one def stood out the most to me too! Don't see designs like that too often.

@Princess Katrina: They all are very different in their own way.
And no problem, thank you for yours as well;o)

@Yas: Yes I know we have that same love for bathing suits!! tooo addicting!!!;o}