Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bored At Work

So today is the start of a 3 day 16 hour or more work stretch for me. I honestly don't mind it because I get 4 days off! I'd rather get my days in and over with to be honest. Not too much has been going on with me....just working, school, and more work!lol Gotta stack that bread! I've been in a really peaceful and happy place lately. Honestly speaking its the happiest and restful I've felt in a loooooog time. No drama, no arguing, no stress, no worries really. The only thing I've been worried about is finding a good place to live when I move. Which I've narrowed down 6 good places so when I visit orlando next month I can check them out. I gotta make sure the neighborhood is good, clean, quiet stuff like that. I've also setup two tours with colleges as well so that I can finish up finally! I believe its really starting to sink in I'm leavin!? Only three months left come March 1st. Hmmmmm....wonder how I will feel when I actually leave? Right now I'm so excited I can't see straight!!!lol Oh well!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Im so happy mamas! Being at peace is something that I am enjoying more and more! Love you muahh! (and my muah is non germy too!)

Yas said...

That is great news! As much as it will be stressful, its going to be a wonderfully exciting time for you too! Its great to hear that despite the work you are happy too! ;)

Miss.Fortune said...

CONGRATS! keep pushing for success..and greatness!

it feels so good to reach the point n life of HAPPINESS! not giving from other ppl but finding peach within beautiful

Ran said...

@Stef: Thanks Love! And it's okay if it was germy, im around them all day at work!!lol Get better chica. Love u too!

@Yas:Yes it is stressful, but my happiness definitely outweighs the stress! Thanks! How have you been?

@Miss.Fortune: Thanks momma! I'm def gonna keep it moving! And it feels tremendous to find this happiness and peace that's been bttled up in me for soo long!;o)