Friday, March 6, 2009


So as of today I am about 1 1/2 weeks away from going on a much needed vacation!! alot has been going on between work, school, family, friends, and moving. I haven't really told alot of people I'm moving. I've really only told those who I really speak to on a daily basis and who actually has good vibes and energy and no hateration as Mary J would

This will not be just a vacation to visit my sister and nephew, but it will also include work too!! I plan on checking out some apts and condos, some other job prospects, as well as a few of the college campuses. I really want to have everything in order so when it's time to go I won't have to worry about anything!! Just a nice smooth transition!

But all will not be work! Me and my sis has been needing a good vacation it's not even funny! Even though she's not going out of town, it will still be a vacation since having my nephew. She is the best mom ever, but even the best needs a break. I'm hoping I can talk her into driving into Miami for a day or so for some real fun!!lol And me knowing her, she will be down!!!lol

There is just so much to do down there that its not even funny! I have been trying to figure out what to pack since I booked my ticket!!lol I'm trying not to pack alot because I know we are gonna tear the malls down!!! The last time I went to visit I came back with 2 bags instead of the 1 huge bag I had initially took down with me!!lol I can still remember my dad looking at me like I was crazy with all the stuff I brought home!!!hehehehe

I am sooo looking forward to seeing my nephew too!! He's crawling and trying to walk!! My goodness I remember when I got the call at work that she was going into labor!!! it seems like it was yesterday now he's a big boy now!!! and he's just too handsome!! So yall know titi Ran will have maaaaaddd pics up when I get back!!!lolol And his mom and dad will just have to be upset because I will be spoiling the mess out of him too!! Hey since I don't have my own yet I can spoil him and my god daughter anytime and anyhow I want!!!

Well that's all I have to say for now. I'm just ready to bounce and I pray the weather is beautiful like it has been down there and or better!!! I've included a few pics of places I just can't wait to hit up.


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