Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2nd Trip!!!!!

Okay so it was my homegirls birthday and we was planning on doing something but wasn't sure what to do?? So the thought of an all girls gambling trip came about! BUT...since everyone's work schedule was different Vegas and Atlantic City was too far and Detroit was cool, but we only had 24 to 48 hrs and that would've been a straight up tease!!lol So we decided to go to Wheeling West Virginia which is about 1hr to 1hr 1/2 from Columbus. I know alot of people may be thinking "West Virginia??"

But believe it or not we had a ball!!! It was going down in WV! At least at the casino it was!!lol Me and my chicas rented a hotel room for the night so we arrived checked in showered changed and off to the casino we went!! This was my first time ever going to one and I had a ball too!! I also came home with some good winnings!!! HOLLA!!!!lol Some pics are below...more to come!!!

My Ledra!! Sorry about the blurred pic, but this was after about 3 Jack & Cokes

This was part of the food buffet they have there! This was actually from the dessert buffet! That's why i had my tush in the gym today!!!lol

Ledra slammin on the fondue covered strawberries!!!

My chica Raquel!!! She's the birthday girl!!!!!!!

This reminded me of the movie " The Hills Have Eyes"lol

Ledra actin silly

Me blurry as all get out!!!lol

At the hotel getting ready

Rhonda and Raquel

Rhonda acting silly at the slots!!!

Loading up to leave and taking last minute pics!!

BUT...we had to stop for breakfast first!!! Perkins was the bomb!!! They dont have these in olumbus anymore;o(

Heading home to Columbus!!!!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Looks like you are Ms.Jet-Setter arent ya!?

Anonymous said...

Okay i need to kick it wit you and your girls cause yall be on the move!!! That food looks good as hell!!!!lolol