Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Finally the time has come for me to leave Cols. OH and go visit my best friend/sister and my handsome little nephew! Ive been counting down the days and I have a little under 24hrs!!! I'm SO excited because I have just been wanting to get away from work, school, and just everything in Cols. I need a break haven't had one in awhile;o(

These are two pairs of shoes I just thought was hot to me!! Of course they are Manolo Blahnik's and they are just hott!! I'm loving the blue ones with the jeans. And red is my favorite color and these red shoes was just so freaking different! That's what I love about Manolo, hes designs are just sooo different and out of character of a normal shoe.

These shoes are a pair I happened to come across on the net. Not really for me but I thought they would be so hot on my oldest nephews foot! He's been doing good and he's a senior in high school about to go a way to college and he deserves nothing but the best! So I will have to track them down and see if we can get him a pair. I actually do like these myself and I'm not a real tennis shoe person. Just get me some fresh air force 1's and I'm good!!lol

While I'm gone I hope nobody calls me on no BS!!! I don't wont nobody from work calling me asking me questions sending me emails about work. I don't have to worry about school because my qtr is over and finals have been taken and turned in!! I'm just waiting on my grades. And i wont no family members or friends calling me on some BS, stressed out trying to ruin my vacation time either!! just want to relax, get some business handled, go shopping, and sit on the beach with a nice cold drink and get some sun!! I know i deserve that much and more!!! So I will be trying to blog as much as I can if not then I will just catch everyone up to speed with word and pics when i get back. So until next time......Adios amigos!!!

Yea I had to throw these in there too!!!lol


Miss.Stefanie said...

Hav fun baby!

JuJu said...

i kno you been waiting on this! have tons of fun babydoll!