Monday, March 9, 2009

Only 9 More Days To Go!!!!

Okay so as of today I have officially 9 days before I leave and go out of town. I have been checking out the weather and my sister has been giving me updates as well trying to make me jealous!!lol It hasn't worked too good for the simple fact that the weather here in Ohio has been pretty decent.

I a have been running around my house like a mad woman trying to figure out what to pack and take with me?? I don't want to pack too much because I know we are gonna do some damage down there shopping!! Like I said in an earlier post, I'm not trying to have to buy another bag to bring all my goodies home!!

Below are a few pictures from the last few times I went down to visit. It was great! I have sooo many more but I didn't feel like posting them all!! Enjoy!

This is the entrance into the Universal side of Orlando. Its like the welcoming sign. This area is huge and it holds alot of parks, food spots, hotels, clubs, and tourists sites.

This is actually a small town modeled after a little city in France. The building that you see is actually The Portofinio Hotel. It has surrounding cafes,boutiques,and other tourists spots as well. It's even more gorgeous in person!
This building speaks for itself!!! The world famous Ripley's Believe It Or Not! This spot is just out of control and filled with things that will just really make you say "Hmmmmmm?" Me and my sis had sooo much fun here! Alot of history in this building as well. Now this pic is of one of the many water parks in the area! Its located near International Dr which is very big tourist area and its surrounded by hotels, gift shops, mystery theatre dinners, restaurants, and just alot of tourists!!!

All I have to say is Orlando look out because the twins are about to be on the loose!!! And to my sis, Chica I dont' think Orlando is fully ready for us to really hit the town!!!! Let the official countdown begin!!!!!!

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