Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Working It Out

So I've been back on my workout kick for the last month. I had slacked off the last few months but since my birthday July 4th, I've been hitting it hard core.

It so hard when it comes to dieting and loosing weight. Its a struggle for some and come easy for others. With me its just having too much on my plate and making excuses. I make time for other unnecessary things why not make time for my health?

Me being in the medical field should be more conscious and considerate of my health. But like I said, I get caught up with other things that I wasn't paying attention like I should.

Well that is no more!! I have been packing my lunch and snacks for work and when I do eat out its as healthy as it can possibly be. Its hard with the staff I work with cause they are always ordering out or having potlucks.

But I've made up my mind and I'm sticking to it! I will lose my 25 to 30 pounds and I will be healthier and happy. I need all the energy I can get because I have big goals to accomplish and it will take great health, stamina, and focus!

I'm off to a great start 7 pounds in my first 7 days and since then I'm lost another 7 pounds in the last week as well! So 14 pounds down in about 2 2 1/2 weeks? Not bad if I may say so myself. And I've been working out as well. Sometimes 2 times a day.

I will admit I haven't been as tired or sick or just feeling run down as usual. The diet and exercise has definitely helped my energy and my metabolism. I'm not eating big meals like I usually would and I've been eating 2 big meals and little snacks throughout the day to help speed my metabolism up.

I just take it day by day and pray that the lord helps to keep my spirit and determination to succeed up. I've also meet some friends who are just as determined as me! So that's always a great thing to have motivation and someone to work out with.

To whomever else in fighting the weight battle and feel alone, trust me you're not! I'm here and I'm sure other bloggers are fighting the hard fight too! We all have to stick together and be supportive. Yea we may be far away or close by, but that's what emails, texts, bbm, I'm, and all these other forms of communication are for.

I've posted a few pics from my workout today. I look a mess but oh well! That's how you're suppose to look after a long good workout!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Losing weigth helps me feel so much better about myself, no joke!Keep up the good work mamas!

I am Jwork said...

Go get them RAN RUN ......knock them out

Lil Honey B said...

That's so inspirational and awesome! Keep it up!!!